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Jordan Aguero

1. dylan o'brien (left)

if you havent seen my reasons for why dylan o'brien is a good front runner read the article that i posted

2. logan lerman (right)

same article with dylan o'brien

3. freddie highmore

he has the acting chops to play a fantastic peter parker and is in the right age range and is an unknown actor and soon to be big name

4. brenton thwaites

he stared in the giver with cameron monaghan and odeya rush. he has excellent acting skills, the build, would make a neat peter parker, and a good spider-man

5. anton yelchin

star trek into darkness actor anton yelchin would make a brilliant peter parker and a brilliant spiderman


who should play everyones favorite web slinger in the mcu spiderman reboot


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