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So, if you're a [Marvel](channel:932254) movie freak like me, and you keep up with Marvel movie news at all, and even if you're not, you most likely know by now that Spider-Man is officially going to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Once this news was announced, one big question came out of it:

Who is going to play him?

Well, since Spider-Man is now partially owned by Marvel Studios, which will promptly send Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, thus taking him out of Sony Pictures' [The Amazing Spider-Man](movie:45497) Universe, it doesn't look as though Andrew Garfield will be coming back to play the world-renowned web-slinger any time soon.

Adios, Andrew! You had a good run!
Adios, Andrew! You had a good run!

Lots of people have been throwing the names of white actors, such as Logan Lerman (of Percy Jackson fame), and Dylan O' Brian (from The Internship), which basically says that both the fans and presumably Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures want to have Peter Parker in these movies... again. After a short discussion I had with a couple of friends of mine, I have to say I disagree.

I am aware of how much Marvel Studios likes to keep with the traditions of using the original characters that were created way back in the day, but we've seen so many iterations of Peter Parker, that to see him in another Spider-Man movie (really, in any Spider-Man property) would just be irritating, and maybe even confusing for those who don't keep up with news like this.

Personally, I'd like to see someone, specifically either Donald Glover, John Boyega or Justice Smith, play the Miles Morales version of the web-slinging Spider-Man character.

C'mon, you can't deny it. They all have potential!
C'mon, you can't deny it. They all have potential!

From what I've seen in clips from both of these actors, they have what it takes to bring the best performances they can to the table, and although I'm not entirely familiar with the Miles Morales character, I do believe that in terms of teenage attitude, both of them are more than capable of pulling it off. Also, some might say that these actors may be too old to play this character. And to those people, I say... so was Andrew Garfield.

Supposedly, Peter Parker is supposed to be something along the lines of 15-17 years old in the movies, and Andrew Garfield was almost 30 when making both of the most recent Amazing Spider-Man films! Thus, to see an actor playing a part such as Miles Morales wouldn't really feel all that strange, at least in my opinion. If anything, it'll just be business as usual!


If Miles Morales does become the new Spider-Man, who do YOU think would portray him the best?

One other point I want to make that relates not only to Miles Morales being in the Universe, but movies as a whole: this move would be an absolutely fantastic opportunity to bring more diversity into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as a step in the direction of getting more movies of stories told by black people.

This universe, as undeniably fantastic as it is, does not have nearly enough front men who are of another race (or women who are of any race for that matter, but that's for another post). From what I remember from previous Marvel Cinematic Universe films, there are literally only four significant black characters in the MCU (or five if you think Heimdall was of any merit in the Thor films), and they don't even have their own stand-alone movies!

Feel free to let me know what your stance on this is!


Do you think Miles Morales should be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?


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