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I loved to be scared!
Cheryl Ann

The house I grew up in was built on farmland that had been torn down in the early 60's. The farms had been there since around 1900 and by the 1950's, the homes were vacant and the land sold to build the homes that eventually became one of ours.

The first occurrence was heard by my mother while she would watch the Jonny Carson's late night show. My dad worked the night shift and while watching t.v. she would hear what sounded like bricks falling in the garage. She would go into the garage and nothing out of place. Every night it was the same sound and she eventually got used to it and just ignored it. When she told my dad, he did not believe her until he heard it for himself one weekend. Scared the shit out of him.

Then there was the old man who would appear in the hallway of our house. This hallway led to our bedrooms and he could be seen at the end where the linen closet was. He was tall, thin, and dressed in dark clothing. He would appear and just stand there staring and then turn and disappear. He started to show up less and less as we got older, but he is still seen from time to time by my mom and my brother.

My father worked for the airlines and we flew for free because he was an employee. We usually traveled the red eye because there were more open seats and we were more likely to get on the plane without being separated. My mom would set out our toothbrushes and other toiletries to pack just before we left. She would lay them out on the bathroom counter and once we were done brushing our teeth, she would pack the stuff in our suitcases.

When my mom went to get our things from the bathroom, they were gone. She searched everywhere, asked us over and over if we took them and we would swear we had not touched them. We had to leave and my parents decided to just buy new toiletries when we got to Florida. When we returned home a few weeks later, my mom walks into the bathroom and there on the counter were the toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, and a few other items we would take. Just as she left them a few weeks back.

We had experiences of our pictures hanging on the wall being actually suspended at an angle and when we would approach them to fix them, they would fall into place. The refrigerator door would be open when we got up in the morning just as cold as it would be if just opened.

The scariest of all was this woman who would peak out of my bedroom closet. I was about 4 when I first saw her and it scared the crap out of me. I would not go into the bedroom unless the closet door was closed tight and my father had to carry me into the room. I would lay for hours awake waiting for her to pop her head out and eventually she would. She would stare at me with this ugly face that looked distorted as if she was in some kind of accident. She would give me this little crooked smile and say my name over and over until I would scream for my parents. I ended up sleeping in my parents room for a few weeks and made my father change the door on the closet so it could be locked from the outside.

I still have supernatural experiences. Being touched at night lightly on the ankle.
The smell of perfume that my grandmother wore. I have also woken up at night and turned over to see an old, scary looking woman laying right next to me and she seems to scream, but nothing can be heard and then she is gone. I have seen her at the foot of my bed as well. Scary as hell to look at. The kind of face you want to look away from, but for some reason you can't. I asked her to leave my home, but she still shows up every now and then. When things disappear, I don't question it anymore, they usually show up in odd places as if placed there by a child, sort of thrown about.


Do you believe there is an afterlife.


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