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Jaramya Sick Boy Rattle

I stumbled across a pretty good fan-made trailer which gave me the idea to make this post. Once I looked some up it didn't take long to find a few great ones. So here are the 5 best I found.

5. Dracula

This one is pretty well done. It was interesting seeing a older film with a more modern style trailer. This film's Dracula is what usually comes to mind when someone mentions Dracula.

4. The Exorcist

The song in the first half of this trailer is beautifully haunting. And of course The Exorcist them in the second half is as well.

3. Suspiria

This one I feel could pass for an official trailer. It was very well done. As far as I know there are only two official trailers for this film and this fan made one is better than both. But the official trailer did have that awesome hair-brushing skeleton.

2. American Horror Story

This is for the first season of American Horror Story. This one really kicks ass and made me want to re-watch the first season, which I will start as soon as I finish this. This season is the best season of the series in my opinion.

1. Psycho

This one is just KICK ASS! As was the case with number 5, it was really cool to see a modern style trailer for an older film. This is a great trailer and is better than a lot of official trailers I see for other films.

Well that's my list. Sorry I didn't provide much commentary on them. There really wasn't much to say about them. I just wanted to share them with you.


Which fan-made trailer is your favourite?


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