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As seen in the 2nd-4th AC series Ubisoft added the Protagonist Ezio Auditore, a Italian assassin driven by rage of the death of his father and brother, for three consecutive games, attaching you to this character. *SPOLIER* Then they kill him off in the video game "Assassins Creed: Revelations" at the end leaving us with an image of Juno the evil goddess. Then they introduced Connor Kenway (Ratonhnhaké:ton), an Indian assassin also driven by rage by the death of his family. We are introduced to Haytham Kenway in the very beginning of Ubisoft's hit game "Assassins Creed 3", But what happens to this mysterious character ends up setting a chain reaction. Players my not notice the mysterious occurrence that in Black Flag that Edward only had a daughter Caroline, but *SPOILER* In the last cut scene we see that he picks up a small boy saying "But this little rascal is a Kenway, Say hello to the man, Haytham." The boy discards his fathers orders and the protagonist lets him go. You may or may not have noticed that the beginning mission of Assassins Creed 3 takes place in the theater that the mission that introduced Haytham in Black Flag. Now you notice don't you?


But why did they not introduce at least a single clue on Edward in [Assassin's Creed](movie:437814) 3? We honestly know now that Edward is Connors grandfather considering Haytham is Connor's father. Here is some reasons that Ubisoft should have continued the Kenway story line and instead of going straight to the newly introduced game "Assassins Creed Unity", but dont get me wrong I truly enjoy the new game considering it has a one of the best ratings on XBOX One (The console I prefer)

  • Storyline, they could have continued with Caroline finding the Templar Order or the Assassins. That could have sparked something with yet another female protagonist.
  • Money, I truly believe that players would enjoy this game and that could create a spark in to creating a brand new series of the game involving just Caroline or just the Kenway family line.

These are only two reason, and these to me are the probably the most important ones signaling to continue this amazing series.

NOTE: This is my first post, so I am very sorry on the short length and the lack of information, soon Ill be realizing a newly updated version of this post as I try to get Ubisoft's reasons on why they did not continue the bloodline of the Kenways. Thank you for taking the time to read this. -Scout


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