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*Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice-March 25, 2016*

This film will be a direct result from what happened in Man of Steel. This time, our new Bruce Wayne/Batman(Ben Affleck) will be in Metropolis. Seeking answers from this new "Superman" Alien. Bruce will be lobbying for the Man of Steel to answer for all the destruction and countless lives lost in the attack, and the repercussions from General Zod and Company. Who has Zod's Corpse? Where is the new Daily Planet? Who has control of the wreckage and various ships/pods?

Newcomers to the DCCU will be making appearances and cameos. This list doesn't count for the Dark Knight of course! To speculate on how they'll do this early, plus without a real teaser trailer. It's simply really just a waste of time. So let's enjoy what we have and wait for the release of the trailer. When the first trailer hits, the internet should explode, without major injuries..... I hope :)

I predict this movie will be planting seeds for numerous future movies that have already been announced by DC. We will see a new take on Lex Luthor, played by underdog Jessie Eisenberg. Many fans have made this casting choice the worst of the worst ever in a comic book movie. Once the credits start rolling, we'll be begging for more of Eisenberg's Luthor, Gadot's Diana Prince, Momoa's Aquaman, and Jeremy Irons as Alfred. It's hard to speculate on how this movie will truly play out. Blurry photo's, behind the scenes rumors from extras, numerous websites claiming to have the most Up To Date info on this movie, It's all really the same info. Written differently and interpreted on another level. These are not FACTS, but OPINIONS AND RUMORS AND SPECULATION. Knowing so little about a film is a good thing. Leaves the suspense and intrigue for the movie-goer itself. I love surprises still at age 30. I've been a fan of Batman since the late 80's. It wasn't until the early 90's, when I could appreciate the character even more. I guess you could say it was when I was Initiated.




Ahhh-The movie every fan has been waiting to see on the big screen. Of course, right after BvS, these two films will dominate the box office in 2016. Civil War will follow the story last played in Avengers: Age of Ultron due out May 1st, 2015. This time the heroes will be fighting against one another.

Marvels heavy hitters, Steve Rodgers/Captain America and Tony Stark/Iron Man, will play the leads for this pivotal, political comic book film. Things have gotten so out of hand on Earth, that the government wants ALL superheroes to come out and reveal themselves. As such, register for the Superhero Act. Each hero will have to identify themselves and be tracked at every turn. Any time the Government steps in, there is conflict from each side. This "Act" will turn very powerful Humans/metahumans against each other and this film alone will change the future landscape that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Teams will change, old characters will be replaced with new heroes, never before seen at the Cinema. Captain America: Civil War will change the way we look at CBM's. With an amazing story and character development that will blow people's mind's. Times' are a' changin....

So, those are my top two anticipated films of are the rest of my top 5!

  • 1.) Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice-March 25, 2016
  • 2.) Captain America: Civil War-May 6th
  • 3.) X-Men: Apocalypse-May 27, 2016-Another film that's reintroducing famous characters.
  • 4.) Suicide Squad-August 5, 2016-I wish this was coming out right after BvS, Double Feature type joint. I would pay for that!
  • 5.) TMNT 2- June 3, 2016....(Don't hate-I wanna see Bebop and Rocksteady brought to life finally).

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