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I have been a long time fan of movies particularly crime and spy movies. Like most I love the James Bond 007 films and think that there are not any spy movies that are better than it. Then last night I went out and saw Kingsman and I was blown away.

From start until finish [Kingsman: The Secret Service](movie:713143) was full of action, comedy and excellent acting! The plot genuinely kept me very entertained throughout unlike most spy movies I have seen recently that hit a slow unnecessary part half way through the movie. This adaptation to a Mark Miller comic was very well directed and put together. I especially was interested in seeing what the main character, Eggsy, was going to have to do in order to attempt to become a Kingsman. The added idea of a believable secret agent society such as the Kingsman made the movie so much more entertaining then some out of nowhere made up agency with a long and confusing origin. I also enjoyed the numerous references throughout the movie that were perfectly timed and well scripted. This movie gave new hope to the secret spy genre and I hope to see more like this in the future. I would say this is my favorite spy film in recent years even going as far as saying it was better than [Skyfall](movie:36632) (in my opinion at least).

The action sequences were spectacular and I can watch Colin Firth kick ass all day. Especially in the what should be come famous "church scene" I will not spoil it but if you see the movie you will know what I am talking about. Sam Jackson, being the amazing actor that he is, managed to make a villain with a historical lisp actually pretty interesting and entertaining. Each character was very well put together and executed perfectly. I have heard about rumors of a sequel but not confirmed that I know of yet.

Overall Rating: I give it a 10/10

I think this is an underrated movie that came out due to the overpowering hype of 50 Shades of Grey (which I have heard severely disappointed everyone that saw it). I recommend Kingsman to anyone that is looking for a clever and well shot action/comedy.

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