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Well It seems this Spider-man Talk has caused a lot of buzz , and now that the deal is back with Marvel you'd think that people would be thinking of a new Peter Parker .Instead people have been jumping to make sure The Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn't go without getting a little on screen time for....

no not a clone Miles you....


But anyways It seems that people want to see Miles and cast choices have been referenced,I had some choices I would want to share and a bit of the reason why

My first choice

Donald Glover

Well you know I was going to push this ,he is the one of the main reason there is a "Miles Morales" .He has that goofy,funny behavior and cunning that makes a Spider-man well.. Spider man

Now I do know why some would say no

He's gotten a bit older looking since the casting choice was made and Miles Morales in his beginning comic was only 13(could be 14 but still)

(Second Thought: Being a writer(not bragging trying to write my own comic universe at the moment),what I have learned is that the possibilities are endless when it comes to comic stories.Marvel, being the mogul they are has millions of Composite story lines and "What if" story-lines that proves that.

With Spider Verse being their big comic event right now It would make a lot of sense for the fans to get a peer or appearance from a future Miles Morales (be it a teaser or a cameo it would still please fans and surely be a grabber when sitting in movie theater) ,and being that they've already animated Spider verse before it went to comics I don't see why the story-line could not be apart of a movie.

but hey he's a bit to old so we have to go younger right with out going off the trail of look and acting ability

Next casting choice

Tyler James Williams

Looking at Miles from a character standpoint

I would compare him to Tyler James Everybody hates and from his age and size he could fit perfectly as a Web-slinger ,and he also has been able to show he can have that under dog look to him in movies a role that acts as a patch for the web-slinger in his story-lines

He's a really good choice in my opinion but then again there is one more I think that would also fit for many good reasons as well

Casting Choice

Miles Brown

Oh yeah !!

He's the perfect choice! And here's why..

He has the Look:

To be honest guys he looks like a younger Donald and actually has the closest look to him than anyone else.Yes guys Miles Morales was meant to be based on Donald Glover, and this kid has shown to have the character of the younger version of the comedian,not only that but when Miles made his debut he was meant to look like a child , the last person to expect to be Spider man

Sure he is a little small but I'll cover why that's a positive later

He can act the part and has shown it :

This kid has shown he can move ,make jokes and has the spunk a Spider-man needs.

In Black-ish his character is a bit devious , and has the comebacks and jokes Miles and Peter show (cunning is a add on that comes with the role of being a Spider-man and he has it to the max)

and most of all he would deal with a problem we have with roles like these

He's Young !!!!:

The awesome thing about this is that Miles is a character that is still growing even in comics as of now.If we get a young actor to fit the role we wont have to worry about him getting replaced because of age ,We all know that's a growing problem and we almost lost Downey Jr. for it,and now are looking for a new Peter for some reason.I truly think that this would be good because with a role like this you are sure to have multiple story-lines where the character cant keep getting rebooted all the time.

I do have a couple of other opinions and choices like maybe

John Boyega ,Alfie Enoch, but hey their could be another person out there that's fit to play the role

What are your opinions on this list?

Do you think Miles Brown would have what it takes or do you have someone else in mind?

I can tell you this,at this point I am not even at arguments for the next Peter,

the rumored seem good and at this point ,3rd reboot I just want one that stays XD

Logan Lerman maybe but hey

Fire off in the comments!!!


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