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Warning, this article has nothing productive in mind, but this came to mind whilst watching the Avengers this evening. If you don't want to waste your otherwise valuable time with a pointless article, move along!

You have been warned.

With the unveiling of Captain America 3: Civil War, there came a great many obstacles to overcome. The first was Spiderman, a critical role in the story. Sony, unfortunately, had been rather reluctant on allowing Marvel to use Spidey, because they had his rights.

Next is Wolverine, to which I'm hoping, along with everyone else I'm sure, will be concluded in the same manor as the Spidey issue. As long as we get to keep Jackman!

And then the Fantastic Four, who are quite involved with the Civil War storyline (although as adults, not as young adults, maybe we can get the old team together?).

Now, if we can get all of these guys together, that would open up to some pretty great jokes.

The destruction of New York
The destruction of New York

Now, one thing that always goes through my mind in Superhero movies is, "Where are all of the other superheroes."

In Thor 2, no one comes to help the title character, even after the events of the Avengers. In Iron Man 3, no one comes to aid Tony with the Mandarin. In Captain America 2, no one comes to help Cap (other than Black Widow, of course). In the movies of Spiderman, X-Men, Fantastic Four, etc., the same situation arises. Here are these great heroes in these perilous adventures, and in the same city!

If Marvel can manage to get Wolverine and the Fantastic Four in on this... oh, the jokes they could make!

Nick Fury: Avengers, I'd like to introduce you to Spiderman, Wolverine, and the Fantastic Four. They are also based here in New York and--

Tony: Really? Superheroes in New York other than the Avengers? Say, where were you guys during that crap show a couple years ago? Let me guess, busy with your Playstations? Or maybe your pet... what, dogs? Wolves?

Tony could throw a stab in every once and a while.

Tony: Hey Foxface.

Wolverine: Did you just call me a Fu--

Tony: No, of course not, but if the shoe fits, you know, whatever.

There is an unlimited supply of jokes they can make about studios and whatnot!

I, like most Marvel fans, have been waiting for a Civil War movie since I read it. The idea of all of our favorite heroes coming together on the big screen is almost too big to comprehend, and with Black Panther and Antman coming on the scene, it looks as if Civil War is shaping up to be everything we want it to be and more.

And then, just for spits and giggles, bring in Deadpool in at the end maybe? Post credit scene waiting to happen!

Deadpool: Sure, make a totally awesome, hero orgasm of a movie and not invite Deadpool! Screw you guys.

Of course, Marvel being Marvel, there are going to be some jokes about a number of things, but this was just something that came to my mind!

Do you guys have any funny ideas about what Marvel could do for some ice-breaking jokes? Leave 'em below in the comments!


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