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The upcoming DC Comics Suicide Squad movie has been compared to Marvel's[Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073), with some saying that this is DC's answer to Guardians. I don't see it that way. Yes, this is a rag tag team forced to come together for a mission... except there is a major difference. These are all supervillains who aren't working toward redemption, but rather toward a shorter prison sentence. Also, while Guardians was light, fluffy and fun, Suicide Squad needs to be dark, gritty and have a twisted sense of humor. It would benefit from a hard 'R' rating, because this team and this comic deserves it.

Yes, I understand that it is highly unlikely that a film part of DC's upcoming film slate will not be rated 'R' because they are trying to appeal to the largest demographic. However, just like Kingsmen: The Secret Service and the upcoming [Deadpool](movie:38663) film (which will most likely be rated R), a lower budget mixed with a lot of carnage could be a good thing.

With a lower budget, they won't have to worry about appealing to the largest demographic because their budget won't demand it. Directors like Matthew Vaughn have taught us that you could take comic book properties, making them a hard 'R' and ultra violent, yet still have success as long as the budget isn't too over the top.

First off, let me just say that upping the rating to 'R' would inherently mean a smaller budget, since less people will have access to the film. This is a good thing for a film like this. The [Suicide Squad](movie:2283363)[Suicide Squad](movie:2283363)film needs to be dark, gritty, brutally violent and have a twisted yet fun sense of humor.

Just imagine if the squad is ambushed, and you have Captain Boomerang chucking his boomerangs and they're chopping off heads on their way back to him. Imagine Harley smashing someone's skull in with her mallet, then laughing it off. Also, if the rumors are true and The Joker will be scarred up and locked up, then an 'R' rating will really help add menace and dementedness to Leto's Joker.

Now, let's talk about Ayer, who has actually never directed anything other than 'R' rated films, and his style and touch is what we need in this upcoming movie. Ayer is great at directing team movies and giving each member their time to shine (just look at Fury), and his style might not adapt well toward a PG-13 Suicide Squad film. I want Ayer's grimy style and interesting take on this team, and I'm not sure toning it down to PG-13 would truly do this comic team justice.

David Ayer is truly the perfect person to helm a film like this, but we need his version and not the toned down one. A hard R, ultra violent, ultra gritty and twisted Suicide Squad movie could truly be special, and if this film is successful, then it will open the door for other villain films from other studios in the future.

Suicide Squad is easily my most anticipated comic book movie from any studio, and I just want this team to be portrayed with accuracy and to be done right. When Deadshot shoots someone, I want blood splattering from their skull. I want Captain Boomerang's boomerang's to be chopping through necks, and Harley Quinn's hammer to be crushing skulls. These are demented people we are dealing with, and we need to do them the justice that they deserve.


What do you think the movie should be rated?


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