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It has been brought to my attention, that there is a bit of a war of: Who's tagline is it?!

The creative people at iZombie TV series are trying to pull a fast one it would so seem. The promotion department is using a tag line that clearly does not belong to them.

Buz Hasson and Ken Haeser are the co-creators of The Amazing Adventures of The Living Corpse. They are also co-screen writers of the original movie with the original tag line: "Kicking Ass and Eating Brains"

The Amazing Adventures of The Living Corpse which was released on JULY 14, 2012 has actually been around much longer then that! Even before the 2012 SDCC premier showing of the comic book turned movie, with the help of Shoreline Ent. and Anchor Bay Ent., this project has been in the works since 2007!

I personally don't know how the promotion team of iZombie, The CW TV series thought they would even get away with such a swipe. It only took a simple look on the IMDb resource page which also confirmed the tag-line has been attached to the 2012 movie since its release. Also this is not your average quote or saying that just comes up in normal conversation. It IS literally a SWIPE!!

The comic book turned TV series iZombie will be a hit show already in my eyes. That is if they keep to the same source material of the comic book. iZombie is a comic book series created by writer Chris Roberson and Michael Allred, published by DC Comics's Vertigo imprint beginning in 2010.... I'm pretty sure Mr. Allred doesn't know about the fellow comic book creators tagline being swiped but I'm sure he would greatly disapprove of such an action to a fellow peer. Not a good way to start off a popular TV show in my view iZombie TV show!!


The newest iZombie TV spot
The newest iZombie TV spot

Just when I thought CW and iZombie promotional department had learned their lesson from stealing someone else's tag-line, it sadly seems they have not. It had been quite some time since my last article showing the blatant use of a tag line from the original creation of independent comic book and movie The Amazing Adventures of the Living Dead Corpse.

During the newest The Walking Dead TV episode there is a brand new trailer for the iZombie show. To my shock, disgust and dismay I see the tag line in question was once again used during a nationwide TV spot that was meant to garner maximum TV expose.

Even with the quick fade-in and out of the was clear as day to see. There is a major uproar over the use of this tag-line by the deeply loyal fans of the Living Corpse Crew and the indy comic book and movie. I have spoken to the creators of the original Living Corpse Buzz Hasson and Ken Haeser, and they are not too happy to feel like they are having their already popular tag line stolen from them. If CW or the iZombie production department will have a very heafty law-suit on their hands.

Original movie with the original Tagline
Original movie with the original Tagline

The Amazing Adventures of The Living Corpse.

Directed by: Justin Paul Ritter

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)

Ken Haeser ... (comic)

Buz Hasson ... (comic)

Ryan Plato ... (screenplay)

Justin Paul Ritter ... (screenplay)


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