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1. Both Stories are a Result of World War III

Both Lord of the Flies and The Hunger Games Trilogy are based on the premise that World War III happened. Lord of the Flies is a small scale story of the immediate repercussions of an atomic bomb, while Hunger Games is a much broader story about a post apocalyptic totalitarian society many years after a nuclear war.

2. Where Were the Boys Taken After They Were Rescued?

In Lord of the Flies the boys are rescued and the book ends. If Europe was annihilated by atomic bombs wouldn't America be the most logical place to bring the boys? In The Hunger Games there is nothing left besides the Districts that reside where the U.S. used to be.

3. The United States had Good Intentions with the 13 Districts

With the rest of the world in rubble the U.S. had to fashion a way to allocate the finite amount of resources left. What started as an honest way to keep the human race going quickly became a fiendish way for the rich to take advantage of the terrible situation as they founded the Capitol in Colorado while everyone else slaved away in the 13 districts.

5. The Districts Revolted

The districts revolted against the Capitol but they were defeated when District 13 was (supposedly) destroyed and any hope of democracy was gone. But somehow District One remained cozy with the Capitol after the civil war. Could it be that District One actually helped the Capitol defeat the other districts?

6. The Hunger Games Begin

A punishment needed to be handed down to the districts. A fast rising member of District One and friend to the Capitol, Jack Merridew, remembered his time on the island, and suggested The Hunger Games where 24 children, the same amount of boys that were on the island in Lord of the Flies, would savagely compete for their lives.

7. The Eerie Similarities Between President Snow and Jack Merridew

Both Merridew and Snow are cruel and ruthless leaders. They both demand order from those beneath them and rule with an iron fist. The things they will do to keep their power have no bounds, and killing people for power is an afterthought. They are both very intelligent and clever, but also very self-righteous. Could they be the same person? The answer is no, and not just because of their different names. They cannot be because it doesn't fit in the timeline.

8. The Timeline

Although neither stories explicitly state what the year is, through context clues one could surmise that Lord of the Flies takes place around 1950. Hunger Games exact time has an air of mystery around it, but if we assume these two stories are in the same universe then it's plausible that The Hunger Games Trilogy actually doesn't take place that far in the future. For example, let's say the 74th Hunger Games takes place in 2080. That means that Jack Merridew, who was 12 in 1950, would be 142 in 2080, which is obviously impossible. But if we subtract 74 years, that puts him at 68 for the first Hunger Games. Assume he lived to be 90 and he was the overseer of the first 22 Hunger Games. Very possible! But where does President Snow come into this? Well according to Hunger Games Wiki Snow was 76 years old at the time of the first Hunger Games movie, inferring there had to be at least one other leader of Panem. That leader was Jack Merridew, the mentor to President Snow.

Obviously these stories aren't actually related. After all, they were written by two different authors and were published over 50 years apart! However, isn't it fun to imagine a world where they are connected? Let me know what you think down in the comments below!


Do You Think The Hunger Games and Lord of the Flies Could be Connected?


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