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Classification: Vigilante/Anti-Hero

Abilities: Super Strength, Super Speed, Electricity manipulation, Invulnerability, Super Hearing, ability to defy gravity, Air Dashing (Agility)


A teenager, who is a student in his first year of Staten Island High. Years ago, Michael Daversa was experimented on to make the ultimate weapon, Para GX. Michael Is an awkward, seemingly normal high school student that maintains a 92 average, But Michael has a secret he is a human alien hybrid. For years, Michael has special abilities and lives a duel identity as The Outsider a hero from the shadows. Eager to find out who he is and what his purpose is in life Michael often finds himself in precarious situations with his friends Alicia Hunters, Frank West, Sarah DiBella and countless others. Michael though is not much of a team player and does not really feel too fond of protocol often working alone. He is very compassionate, serious, and dark. Michael is very passionate and always tries to do what he feels is right. Some say a great weakness of Michael is his looking for the good in everyone occasionally people that do not deserve it. Michael uses his identity as the Outsider to protect people.

Weakness: Red KPG --A weakness given to Michael as a precaution in case he ever ceased to be under the control of Armagedon. KPG is a thick liquid like substance that bonds with raw materials rocks, plants, etc. and makes it a new compound that gives off a specific radiation.

Venenum (Venum, Venom): Poisonous toxin


1. Super Strength:

a. Michael’s super strength evolves over time he becomes stronger

b. Limitless on his potential in the future he becomes as strong as he needs to be

2. Super Speed

a. at first speed is heightened then overtime he grows faster.

b. he becomes faster but

3. Agility

a. Agility including his Parkour and free running that he uses more early in the Outsider early days.

4. Ability to defy gravity

a. Leaves him able to leap extreme distances and heights.

b. Michael is able to wall run without being able to stick to them

c. Air dashing falls under this category.

d. Michael in certain iterations can fly.

5. air dashing

a. The ability to trigger super speed while in the air.

b. This leads to Michael being able to leap and make a sudden movement that defies gravity while not being on the ground.

6. Self healing/invulnerability

a. Early on Michael just was able to heal quicker than a normal person

b. over time his healing factor evolved making him heal quicker.

c. Eventually bullets that originally pierced through his skin would begin to leave minor cuts. this would change to bruising from bullets, eventually his skin would become harder to bruise of pierce.

d. Healing factor grows to invulnerability.

7. electricity manipulation

a. Michael has a difficulty learning to control this ability

b. his electricity manipulation doesn’t mean he can absorb it or needs to. Michael generated and manipulates electricity from his own power.

8. super hearing

a. extremely useful to help him gather information

b. uses it also to help him overhear phone conversations.

c. at times needs it to find trouble.


1. Mask

a. the mask is armed with x-ray, infrared and ultra-violet vision

b. helps to see what enemies are armed with prior to attack

c. Helps with tracking or seeing things not visible to the naked eye.


1. Venenum/Venum/Venom

a. effects: A highly toxic poisonous substance that is toxic too any and all life virtually deadliest poison ever

2. Red Kpg

a. effects: A weakness given to Michael as a precaution in case he ever ceased to be under the control of Armagedon. KPG is a thick liquid like substance that bonds with raw materials rocks, plants, etc. and makes it a new compound that gives off a specific radiation.

When merely exposed to Red Kpg he feels unbearable pain. Any form of Kpg can be shielded easily. Michael keeps red Kpg in a Wooden box given to him by Theresa his aunt. Kpg can kill Michael ultimately but take a while before passing out from the painful exposure. Red Kpg has complex properties and is alien related origins that can be toxic and deadly.

• Michael is Half Alien and half human making him a hybrid of the two.

• The Para GX state makes Michael more powerful virtually unstoppable.

• Michael Working Side By side With Christina and Sajjid he becomes the blue hooded vigilante.

• Michael is the very rare exception of the Para GX experiment working. in most cases people could not survive the experiment. Michael’s blood prior to the experiment is what helped make the other Para Experiments however it is virtually impossible to duplicate the Para GX experiment with a different host…especially without the blood of Michael Daversa.

• Despite the few rare cases Michael daversa’s blood usually can/does kill the host. it is a gamble in the favor of losing the host usually. With the rare instances it works there are always complications as a result.

• Michael starts off as a high school student as the outsider but prior is just an unknown vigilante.

• Michael’s blood has been seen with the potential to transfer the abilities experiments have been done to make it possible by various enemies and government groups such as [Division. the E.Y.E. A.r.m.s. etc.]

• Michael has been known to only wear Blue Black red white occasionally.

• Despite being vulnerable to Red Kpg and Venenum earlier he was more vulnerable despite his healing factor faced the risk of at times not healing as quickly from poisons etc.

• Michael has many hideouts most are known by Sajjid and Christina with a few that are hidden from everyone.



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