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Big Hero 6 has now become the third highest-grossing Disney Animation release.

The latest offering from Walt Disney Animation, Big Hero 6, has just passed Beauty and the Beast and is now Disney's third highest-grossing animated film.

Based loosely on a Marvel Comics property, [Big Hero 6](movie:425271) has now grossed a whopping $219.3M at the domestic box office!

Wondering what the Top 2 highest-grossing Disney Animation film are?


In no big surprise, 2013's biggest hit, [Frozen](movie:411685) has taken the #2 spot and has scored itself $400.7M!

The Lion King.
The Lion King.

Released back in 1994 and still holding the top spot, Lion King is still the reigning King with $422.7M!

What could potentially make this better for Big Hero 6 is that the film is nominated at the 87th Academy Awards for the Best Animated Feature but is also up against Golden Globe winner, How To Train Your Dragon 2.

The possible secret success to having their last two animated films doing amazingly well could be the new approach Disney has,

“which is about elevating storytelling and putting filmmakers at the center of the process.”

says Disney Animation president Andrew Millstein.

PLEASE NOTE: These numbers are based on domestic (USA) figures, not worlwide box office numbers. Pixar has also been left out of the list, even though it is owned by Disney - they are considered separate.


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