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Judson H. Pratt

I was working one night 430 to 9. I work at a dementia building and I have worked there for a year and a half.

About a year ago there was a patient that was very I'll. Her skin color was pretty much a pale yellow. I can't remember what kind of sickness she had but whatever it was killed her. She was about 80 years old and she was a very nice lady. Her room was located at the very end of the hall with another roommate. When she passed, we moved her roommate in with another woman at the other end of the hall. We moved 2 men in the room where she died.

Again I was working 430 to 9 and this was 2 nights after the woman had passed. I feed dinner to the residents and play a movie or play cards, balloon toss, etc. It was around 930 when I heard a call bell go off. My wife works till 11 so I waited til she got out. I go get the call bell. The call bell is coming from the recently deceased woman's room that now has two men in it. I go to the man that rang the bell and I ask him

"What's up?"

He looks at me like he was going to cry. He finally speaks up and says

"I dont know what the hell is going on but there is some yellow lady standing at the foot of my bed"

I get the chills and I start to tear up as I walk out of the room and sat in my car in 0 degree weather until 11 o clock.


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