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Warning! Huge TV show and comic book spoilers on the way!

Last night's episode of The Walking Dead, titled "Them," was a slow burner, with the group fractured and on the brink of falling apart following the deaths of Tyreese and Beth. It was chocked full of religious metaphors, comic book references, and little nuggets of awesomeness as the group battled to survive the long and dangerous road to Washington DC.

Here are 3 things you might have missed.

1. Maggie almost committed suicide

In last night's episode, Maggie comes across a bound and gagged walker in the trunk of a car. While it's interesting to speculate on why this unfortunate soul had been taken - I like to think it was a mob hit that was interrupted by the zombie apocalypse - it was Maggie's reaction to the rotter that was the most intriguing.

After shutting the trunk and walking away, she pauses, contemplates something and then returns to the car in a state of distress. She becomes even more emotional when the key jams and she's unable to open the trunk, despite furiously trying to force it.

I think if she'd been able to open the trunk she would have gotten in with the walker and let it take her life. Throughout the episode Maggie was broken emotionally, having recently lost both her sister and her father, so her committing suicide was not that farfetched.

It also happened in the comic to devastating effect.

Just like in the show, comic book Maggie was also emotionally spent following the deaths of her nearest and dearest, and after deciding she couldn't take any more, tries to hang herself from a tree. But despite being seemingly dead when she's found by Glenn, she survives the ordeal - even though Abraham was ready to put a bullet in her head to stop her from reanimating.

So on the show, Glenn stopping Maggie from opening the trunk by herself for a second time might just have saved her life.

2. It's a miracle! The Bible was everywhere

This episode was rife with religious iconography.

First we had Maggie and Gabriel discuss hair shirts and waning faith - with Gabriel even removing his dog collar and throwing it on the fire at one point. There were also a lot of subtle references to the Old Testament, such as the riverbed of dead frogs, what looked like a locust enveloped in a spider web, and then finally the storm and the black cloud that threatened to wipe out everything.

This scene was fascinating. With the walkers attempting to smash down the door and the storm threatening to destroy everything in its path, the group finally came together as one to repel the danger at their door.

This felt like an epiphany for the survivors as they realized that only by having faith in each other is it possible to survive.

3. Two huge comic book references

As is becoming the norm now on The Walking Dead, "Them" featured a couple of iconic scenes from the comic book.

The first was Rick's speech to the group in the cabin/barn, when he delivered what is probably the most iconic line from the source material:

We've been waiting five seasons for this line to be uttered, and it wasn't a disappointment.

The second scene came right at the end of the episode, when a guy called Aaron approached Maggie and Sasha and asked to be taken to their leader, Rick.

Creator Robert Kirkman had been teasing that an iconic CB character would be appearing in Season 5 and now we finally know who that is.

I don't want to give away too much of who this new guy is, but what I will say is that what Aaron has to offer the group is going to change everything.

Bonus Point: Daryl ain't afraid of affection no more

Back in Season 2, Daryl got all flinchy when Carol tried to lay a smacker on his head:

That's not an issue any more...

Thanks for to Donna for these top gif-ing skills!

What do you guys think?


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