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Warning: Show and comic book spoilers coming up!

Finally, after years of waiting, Rick finally delivered this iconic line from the comic book, "We are the walking dead."

Check out the spine-tingling moment for yourself in the clip below.

But this version was actually a lot different from the one used in the comics.

In the episode, Rick delivered the line in a more reflective, almost hopeful tone. His revelation was that the group needed to do what ever it took to survive and only then would they get to live. In order to make it they've had to become the walking dead - a metaphor that was driven home by the scene of them lurching along the road like a horde of walkers.

It's played a lot differently - and a lot earlier - in the comics though. There, Rick delivers the iconic line in a much more combative and aggressive tone and it comes after he's been unconscious for 26 hours after being knocked out during a fight with Tyreese.

The group has doubts about Rick's leadership and think he should take a step back. But, he's having none of it, telling them that they have to toughen up if they want to survive:

And then the goosebumps kick in.

They're still messing with the wrong people

This isn't the first time the show has taken an iconic line from the comics and given it a TV twist. At the end of Season 4, Rick dropped this truth bomb (this is the uncensored version, which is way cooler):

And with Negan arriving sooner rather than later, we're set for a whole lot more killer lines in the future - with the emphasis very much on killer...

What is your favorite Walking Dead line?


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