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Warning: Potentially ginormous comic book and TV spoilers coming up. Proceed with caution from here on in.

Last Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead ended on somewhat of a cliffhanger with Aaron, a clean-shaven and seemingly friendly guy appearing in front of Maggie and Sasha asking to be taken to their leader, Rick.

So what does this guy want and are his intentions pure?

Well, if the show follows the comic book storyline, then Aaron is the real deal and what he has to offer changes everything.

Comic and TV Aaron
Comic and TV Aaron

Now, before I begin it's worth pointing out that while showrunner Scott Gimple has stated that this season follows the comic book source material more closely than any other, that doesn't mean Aaron's story will be lifted exactly from the page.

But that being said, from what I've seen of Aaron so far he seems to be heavily based on the comic book character.

So who is he?

For starters he's definitely a good guy. In fact, what he'll offer Rick and the group is the chance to come and live with them at the Alexandria Safe-Zone. It's a walled community run by a former politician called Douglas Monroe and they have all the comforts of home - including running water and electricity, hence Aaron's clean-shaven look.

We've already seen evidence of this walled community in the photo that Aaron shows Rick in the upcoming episode.

Walls and a community
Walls and a community

And these walls match the set photos we saw last year, which suggests that the ASZ will be a major location for the remainder of the season.

Real walls
Real walls

But why was Aaron stalking the group through the bushes?

Because that's his job. He works as a recruiter for the ASZ, and observes people for long enough to determine whether they are suitable candidates to live with them in their community. He then approaches them unarmed and invites them to meet their leader, Douglas Monroe.

This guy.

Douglas Monroe looking like an aged Walter White...
Douglas Monroe looking like an aged Walter White...

However, if the group turns hostile, Aaron has a backup plan. Lurking in the bushes is his partner Eric and he's ready to take everybody out should things take a turn for the violent.

But you know what the best thing is?

We might get to see a post-apocalyptic Washington. In the comics, the ASZ is near the nation's fallen capital and en route the group has to make a detour through the zombie infested city on a rescue mission.

It was badass enough seeing Daryl and Carol fight through the undead streets of Atlanta earlier in the season. Imagine how much more awesome it will be if we get to see Rick bash a rotter's head under the shadow of Capitol Hill.

It's going to be epic.


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