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Are you obsessed with [The Walking Dead](series:201193)? Do you want to engage with the show on a level that was previously impossible? Well, good, because now you can recreate the apocalyptic zombie infested world we've all come to love (and be thoroughly scared of) in your own house.

McFarlane Toys is to thank for these LEGO-esque (but much more realistic looking) high-quality figures based off the show, the comics, and even the tie-in games. They showcased the new toys at this year's Toy Fair 2015. You can now build freaky zombie-scenes and customize them however you like.

There's plenty to work with: we've got the prison the survivors lived in together, the RV and Woodbury Assault vehicles, and the classic scene where Rick wakes up in the hospital to find out it had been abandoned. With each set, you'll get figures scaled to the scenery, and unlike some other brands, these are the most realistic figures and are completely based on the TV show depiction.

Check them out!

They're pretty much spot-on representations

If you want to relive Rick's waking up in the abandoned hospital, now you can. The toy looks almost exactly accurate.

The creepiness is all there

The details, even down to the shirt wrinkles are awesome. Any die hard fan would kill to have these.

They captured the cinematic creepy darkness of the show perfectly

This has seriously got to be considered art. The level of precision is insane!

Dale's now infamous RV in all its glory complete with lingering walkers

In The Walking Dead, death is always around the corner. These toys are not for children. If I had these when I was a child, I would almost certainly have horrific nightmares.

Awesome prison scene

That looks EXACTLY like Carol!

This would be a great gift to any true fan of TWD

More accuracy from McFarlane toys.

What do you think? They range in price between $10-$65. Worth it?


Would you buy these toys?



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