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Time to slaughter another Hell Demon but first, let me take a selfie! Selfie sticks and cheeky poses brings the social networking generation to Doom! We are also showing off the new 'Brutal Mode' today!

Modder Linguica has created what he likes to call 'IntaDoom.' InstaDoom adds the same 37 filters that you will recognize from popular social media site, Instagram. He has also included a top of the range selfie stick to help capture those memorable moments.

"You can only take so many pictures of your food slaughtering demons!" Linguica states.. "You want to show the world how hott you are while you do it, and now you can! Use the latest in stick technology to get more of yourself in the shot! It's American President Approved!"
Doom Selphie
Doom Selphie

Want in? You can find out much more about the mod and download it at Doomworld forums!

Doom gameplay is gorier than ever!

Just because, modders have created a modification for Doom that allows players to be as brutal as their ammo allows. Ragdoll effects and exploding individual body parts complete the Doom experience for many gamers worldwide.

It's almost comical how much blood sprays onto the walls in this short video but also somewhat entertaining. Spreadable dismembered bodies and body parts were removed from Brutal Doom's v19 update. But as you can see, this epic mod is coming back.

If you think this is great then the latest development news fresh out of the depths of Bethesda and id Software will have you running and gunning for joy. We have all the latest on the originally coined ‘Doom 4’ but now known simply as Doom, this brand new reboot developed solely for next-gen machines pays homage to a classic game to no end.

Doom 2015
Doom 2015

Click the link to read on - Doom 4 Is Not a Remake But a Reboot – Shooter Horror Classic Returns with Movie Promise!

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