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(Warning: Possible Ant-Man SPOILERS below)

When it comes to overwhelming levels of Marvel movie-related excitement, Avengers: Age of Ultron very much holds the current cinematic crown. It is, after all, just a few short months away from arriving on our screens, and widely-expected to blow us all away.

There is, though, another Marvel movie very much on the horizon - July's Ant-Man - which, largely because of a seemingly troubled genesis, seems to have acquired a whole lot less buzz.

If what was just leaked about the movie's big twist is true, though, then Ant-Man may well hold a whole lot more to be excited about than we thought - and be set to see its number of lead superheroes double.

That's right...

There's Going to Be More Than One Ant-Man in the Movie

Yup, from the looks of it, we might well be set to see not one Ant-Man, but two.

The reason? This newly revealed (and conspicuously awesome) Lego set, first seen at this weekend's New York Toy Fair...

Which, sure, features Paul Rudd's Ant-Man...

And Corey Stoll's Villainous Yellowjacket...

And even a giant ant...

But y'know what it also features? A whole other Ant-Man...

And, from the looks of it, that's none other than Hank Pym himself - the original comic-book Ant-Man, set to be played in the movie by Michael Douglas.

Which, it would seem, suggests we're set to see Douglas' Pym suit up in the movie, and battle crime alongside his new protegee.

Which, seeing as a whole lot of fan-concern surrounding Ant-Man has been focused on the movie's apparent jettisoning of the character's original comic-book roots, could well be a very good thing.

Could we even get the chance to see Pym don the suit in flashbacks - perhaps even alongside the original Wasp, Janet van Dyne?

Here's hoping - but whatever else happens, it certainly now looks as though we're set to see Pym don his own version of the Ant-Man suit and join the fight. Which means Michael Douglas just officially became a superhero.

Y'know, that, or Lego didn't want to make a Michael Douglas mini-figure if he wasn't wearing a super-suit. I'm totally down either way...

What do you guys think, though? Will we actually see the original Wasp in the movie? Will Michael Douglas really Ant-Man-suit up? Just how good do you think Ant-Man will be?

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