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Wow, [The Big Bang Theory](series:200751) really is a global phenomenon, huh? I mean, it's been the number one comedy for a few years now, and it has one of the most loyal fan-bases of any show, comedy or drama, period. The internet being a thing and all, you know what happens with popular entertainment. That's right, MEMES! Lot's of 'em.

Like this one, which I found quite hilarious:

Sheldon wouldn't have backed down due to some chivalrous attempt to be "a man." He would take the spot that is rightly his. But meanwhile, the question on everyone's mind over the past couple of decades since Titanic was released is simple: Why couldn't they both fit on the floating door?

I mean, not only was the door wide enough for them both to lie down on it, but even if it wasn't couldn't they have laid on each other? I mean, they just had sex like a few days earlier... you would think that Jack and Rose wouldn't have intimacy issues at this stage of their relationship.

Okay, tirade over. Check out these other sick Big Bang memes!

You've gotta love this little spin on all of the relationships between the characters. I especially enjoy Raj and his relationship with alcohol, depicted quite nicely.

Not even sure if this really qualifies as a meme, but whenever you mix [The Walking Dead](series:201193) with [The Big Bang Theory](series:200751), it's awesome.

Raj is one of my favorite characters from the show. He has absolutely no game. He's just a real dude.

I love this one. I legitimately thought Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon on the show, was about 27 or 28. He's aged really well.

Yup. Pretty much nailed it.


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