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Last weekend saw the opening of New York's 112th annual Toy Fair, and with it came the realization of parents across the country that their wallets will be considerably lighter this year, what with the incredible amount of badass figurines and LEGO sets on display.

None more amazed-silence inducing than LEGO's Ultimate Collector Series Star Wars TIE Fighter which, in one word, is majestic. Seeing is believing...


Have a look at that! It's intensely awesome, and comprising of just shy of 1,700 bricks is fully deserved of its $200 price tag. Yes it may be a bit steep but look at it!

The UCS TIE Fighter is 18.5" high and 12.2" wide and comes with its own display stand which details all the facts and figures of the TIE Fighter. Check out LEGO's synopsis...

We proudly present the Ultimate Collector Series LEGO® Star Wars TIE Fighter. As featured in many of the action-packed Star Wars battle scenes, including the decisive battle that led to the destruction of the first Death Star, this large-scale LEGO-brick rendition of the classic Imperial starfighter has intricate detailing, as well as an opening top hatch and an exclusive TIE Fighter Pilot minifigure with a blaster pistol.
And when you want to keep it safe from Rebel attack, mount the model on the display stand and keep yourself updated with all the key facts and figures on the included fact plaque. The Ultimate Collector Series TIE Fighter is the perfect addition to your Star Wars collection!

The UCS TIE Fighter touches down in stores and living rooms come May, and I will be camping outside my nearest store, suitably disheveled and overly jumpy with excitement.

Here's a cute little video from the designers of the UCS TIE Fighter discussing the majestic patience waning toy...

Like what you see?


You're blatantly getting one, right?

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