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Although Thursday's episode of The Vampire Diaries was clearly all about Sheriff Forbe's tragic passing, was anybody else totally intrigued by the way the deaths of some other parents were brought up?

While Liz was sifting through her life work she focused once more on the suspicious circumstances around Elena's parents' death, and although Sheriff Forbes was obviously dedicated to her job, surely digging this event up again has to mean something more than just sorting out her files?

In case you aren't familiar with the suspicious circumstances around Elena's adopted parents' death when they plunged into the river in their car, there are a few things that don't really make sense.

Firstly, the car was packed with luggage as if they were planning to flee the town, they also exited via the Wickery Bridge road, whereas Old Mills road was a much faster route. But, most tellingly, there were no skid marks to suggest that Elena's father had tried to break before they careened off the bridge... Oh, and that Damon and Stefan just happened to be in town that night!

Damon helped Sheriff Forbes 'solve' the case by explaining away all of the discrepancies in the case, but surely there must be more to this strange plot device than showing how much Liz cared about Elena and her family when she died?

One theory here is that Elena's parents might be undead as opposed to just plain dead, and that they could be coming back as a major story arc for season seven.

It might sound quite insane, but weirder things have happened in [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853), and knowing Damon like we do, it isn't implausible that he would have 'solved' the case so the sheriff could die in peace, before running off to share his supernatural suspicions about things that don't add up at a later date.

Even if the return of Elena’s parents seems unrealistic to you, I would be very surprised if this accident didn't come up again. Perhaps a powerful supernatural being was after Elena due to her doppelgänger blood for example, and her parents died while trying to get her out of town?

What do you think about the crash that killed Elena's parents being brought up again? Is it a clue about bigger things to come, or am I reading too much into it?

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