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It's the one day you're free to call pretty much all the shots, so why not go all out celebrating the movies, shows and games you love, as well as the people you adore too?!

For those of you more inclined to seal your vows Yoda-style with a croaky 'do I', or who fantasize less about a Downton Abbey country estate and more about a Medieval fortress surrounded by raging armies, then you may well have something in common with the following creative couples.

Us geeks can get a little passionate sometimes, especially when it comes to love, and, as you'll find out, that passion can come out in some pretty elaborate and unusual ways! Congratulations to all the happy couples, I salute you for your impressive nerd-hood.

1. They Got Game

Though there are rarely any happy endings in Westeros, this couple from the UK opted to create a Game of Thrones-themed wedding, transforming Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire into a Stark Manor George R.R. Martin would've been proud of!

Twelve of the couple's closest friends spent more than 50 hours making sure their outfits and the venue were styled appropriately.

The happy bride said:

I thought the transformation was amazing, it was like marrying Jon Snow.

Let's just hope he isn't written out of this marriage.

[Via: BBC]

2. An Adventure Awaits

These Pixar-loving lovebirds seem sickeningly cute, but don't you think it's jinxing things a little considering what happens in THAT famous montage?

[Via: Wildflowers Photography]

3. Dr. Love

I think these Doctor Who-inspired snaps are fantastic fun - understated, classy and gloriously nerdy!

[Via: whengeekswed]

4. Let's Hope They Don't Get Di-Forced

Steven Kowalski is the photographic mastermind behind this Star Wars-inspred artwork. The AT-ATs have never looked so majestic!

[Source: Steven Kowalski]

5. Wingardium Love-iosa

Between Ron and Hermoine, Ginny and Harry and Neville and Hannah, Hogwarts has proved to be a tie breeding ground for love. From the looks of things, this magical couple share an adoration for each other and J.K. Rowling's terrific franchise. They look truly potty for each other!

[Source: Brooke Aliceon Photography]

6. Swamp Seduction

Though it's perhaps not the most orthodox way of showing one's affections, this Shrek-loving couple donned ogre outfits for their special day.

The bride even tried to convince her 18-year-old son to dress up as Donkey for the occasion. Unsurprisingly, he refused.

[Via: Daily Mail]

7. Jason Objects

Running through the woods being chased by a maniacal serial killer isn't my idea of fun, but to each their own!

[Source: Brandon Gray Photography]

8. A Wonderland Wedding

The Mad Hatter and Alice get up close and personal in a matrimonial tea party that looks truly wonderful!

[Via: whengeekswed]

9. Mission Accomplished

Gamers don't have the reputation for being the most romantic of sorts, but they do love achievements! If there's 25 achievement points to be won, marriage seems like a small price to pay...

[Source: Stone Images Photography]

10. You're so Han-some

For one thing, it's refreshing to see a female Leia not in her iconic slave outfit - perhaps not so appropriate for your wedding day.

[Via: whengeekswed]

11. Buckle Up

This understated homage to the Batman franchise is a wonderful way to add a small personal touch to your special day!

I wonder who broke the ice first...

[Source: gay-nerds]


Which famous franchise would you base your wedding around?


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