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Sometimes I play video games.
Rob Harris

I've seen a lot of video game-inspired cosplaying in my time - some of it awesome, some bizarre, but nothing quite like this!

The immensely talented Ewenae - a specialist in Medieval / Fantasy cosplay - has taken inspiration from Bethesda's hugely popular role-playing-game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, crafting an outfit of epic, non-human proportions. Intrigued? You should be - check this out!

Horsing Around

That's right, not content with simply creating a kick-ass Norse-warrior outfit for herself, this truly dedicated fan has gone the extra mile and made a full armor set for her animal companion!

A Trusty Steed

The shield, breastplate and helmet combo works magnificently, with the elegant mount adding the icing on top of an already awesome fantasy-flavored cake.

Back in the Saddle

That's one menacing looking soldier! I'd be concerned for any dragons attempting to take her on...

Be sure to check out Ewenae's Facebook page for more epic cosplay pictures like these ones!


What animal-infused video game cosplay do you want to see next?


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