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I sat down with a cider and all the lights out last night when I decided upon venturing into Denzel's latest escapade. Ive watched a few of his movies and my personal favourite is Deja Vu, but enough about that were here to talk about the Equalizer.

Spoilers. Duh.

The movie starts pretty slow. Old guy living alone, working at what can only be described as a home hardware store, sort of like Homebase here in the UK. He has friends, one in particular that we know from the get go is both trying to loose weight and pass a test to become a security guard. We see Denzil's character seen to be very friendly but also personal. He is clearly a man of schedule and one that he sticks to throughout the movie. After work he returns home, Wraps his favourite tea in a nice napkin and then goes and straight up murders some Russians. Wait, That hasn't happened yet. Im getting ahead of myself.

So he gets to the cafe on the corner, orders his meal and gets some water for his tea. He sets the table up so that you know he is a perfectionist and starts to read his book. Which is right when Chloë Grace Moretz, you know the innocent little super hero from Kick Ass? Well she isn't that innocent anymore.

Chloë Grace Moretz plays Teri, A Russian women forced into sex slavery.
Chloë Grace Moretz plays Teri, A Russian women forced into sex slavery.

There doesn't seem to be much between the two, she asks about his book, showing too me that they probably talk now and again. But I dont see this relationship as anything sexual, more that Denzil seems to be a rather nice man, someone that looks out for people and he doesn't like Chloë Grace Moretz's way of life. He thinks she should change it but she doesn't think she can.

But thats when the shit really starts to go down. Chloë Grace Moretz gets attacked by one of her 'paying customers' and when Denzil finds out he goes straight to the hospital to find her with bruises everywhere.

He find her 'place of work' with ease, having been giving a card from her 'pimp' on a walk with Chloë the night before. He goes to the club we can only presume at this point is the Russian hub and offers to pay just over $9000 for the release of Chloë. This doesn't go so well.

Denzil offering the Russians money for Chloë to be let out of their care.
Denzil offering the Russians money for Chloë to be let out of their care.

Well. They say no. But there is a lot more swearing and something about Denzil going home and Jacking off 9000 times and then coming back. The look of amusement of his face is only matched by the desk and Denzil goes to leave. When he reaches the door however he starts to open and close it, ringing alarm bells for me to sit up straight. Some pimps going to die here.

The first guy goes easy, A few sly moves and a nearby glass caves in the mans face, gouging out his eye, Dezil grabs onto his silenced pistol and shoots the Russian at the desk in his neck. The next guy runs at him but is met with a slit to the throat leaving him falling limp hitting the glass table on the way down.

The third guy ready's himself just as Denzil picks up two Wine bottle openers and begins to shove them into the Russians body until delivering the final intense blow to the underside of the man's already bloodied face. Denzil sits calmly down and begins talking about how much time the man has left, even hiving him until the second that he will suffocate. This is when I realised there might be a little more to this guy.

Im not going any further however, I love writing reviews but this movie is worth the watch and the Russian v Denzil mob feud that ensues is bloody and amazing to watch. Chloë gets her freedom and Denzil gets to kill some guys.

Cool guys dont look at explosions.
Cool guys dont look at explosions.

Thanks for reading and as always. Stay Spidey.


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