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Possible spoilers from the upcoming Deadpool movie may follow...

There's good news and (possibly) bad news with the casting announcements for [Deadpool](movie:38663) last week. One of the announcements reinforced the idea that Fox might be sticking to the very gleefully R rated script that Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick originally wrote - while the other is a bit of a sign that there may have been some unnecessary rewrites involved.

Colossus Confirmed

On the one hand, we received confirmation that Colossus will appear. That's good news since the character does appear in some sick and twisted scenes form the original Deadpool script - in fact, just before the announcement I was writing about their brutal first encounter in the script.

Deadpool and Colossus confirmed to butt heads.
Deadpool and Colossus confirmed to butt heads.

Angel Dust = Morlocks?

On the other hand, the great casting of Haywire's badass lady Gina Carano as Angel Dust throws up a bit of a red flag. Ok, yes, Gina Carano is a great practitioner of the kicking of butt in various entertaining and lethal ways and should always be considered a great addition to an action movie. But Angel Dust doesn't show up in any butt kicking fashion at all in the original script.

Gina Carano as Angel Dust mixes things up.
Gina Carano as Angel Dust mixes things up.

It's completely understandable that there would be some re-writes of the script that is getting to be about five years old at this point. Yes, let's take out the Amy Winehouse jokes and stale references to Puppetry of the Penis (don't ask), but adding an entirely new element of Angel Dust and the likely mutant Morlocks business that comes with that character is making me nervous.

Advantage Gina Carano

The addition of Angel Dust could be looked at in different ways. The rumor is that Deadpool had to secure a PG-13 rating in order to get a go-ahead from Fox. The hope is that is only a rumor and that they didn't take a perfectly fun respectful script and rewrite it to water down the violence and abundance of colorful language.

Gina Carano is always a badass addition.
Gina Carano is always a badass addition.

Maybe they just wanted to add a female superhero character to the mix. Honestly, the original script didn't have a decent female character aside from Wade Wilson's pre-Deadpool girlfriend - who is likely to be the role that Morena Baccarin and Taylor Schilling were up for. Let's hope that is the case and they didn't feel the need to replace entire scenes or chunks of plot with some PG-13 friendly mutant counterpart.

Someone is Screaming Weasel

The other casting announcement of T.J. Miller is a bit of a guess, but I think the best one is that he'll be our Weasel. From the basic looks of things, Miller is probably no one's first thought when it comes to the dark haired, bespectacled Weasel. But in the original script he's a drinking buddy and the one that can keep up with Wade in the fast talking joke slinging department - and that has Miller written all over it.

Deadpool & Weasel are friends, most of the time.
Deadpool & Weasel are friends, most of the time.

Hopefully the next announcement will be full of the kinds of actors you would think of when casting Weapon X folks like Ajax, Wyre and Garrison Kane - then you know we'll be on the right track again. The Deadpool script had an entertaining and almost humanizing way of dealing with his backstory in Weapon X and these characters are pretty much your three main bad guys in this version. How Angel Dust would fit into this Weapon X business is anyone's guess...


Does Angel Dust make sense in a Deadpool movie?


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