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Fans for Harry Potter movie is endless, regardless if it is for movies or books.

What if Harry Potter was made in India ?

What would be the cast for the Harry Potter movies in India?

These super amazing photos on quora which shows what if Harry Potter was made in India is super funny. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

1. Satish Shah As Hagrid

2. Rekha As Bellatrix Lestrange

3. Amitabh Bachchan As Albus Dumbledore

4. Manoj Bajpai As Severus Snape

5. Kareena Kapoor As Fleur Delacour

6. Rakesh Bedi As Cornelius Fudge

7. Kapil Sibal As Wormtail

8. Lilette Dubey As Minerva McGonagall

9. Ajay Devgan As Kingsley Shacklebolt

10. Rajat Kapoor As Lucius Malfoy

11. Rishi Kapoor As Alastor Moody

12. Supriya Pathak As Molly Weasley

13. Ranbir Kapoor As Tom Riddle

14. Om Puri As Argus Filch

15. Sanjay Dutt As Lord Voldemort

16. Alia Bhatt As Hermione Granger

17. Imran Khan As Ron Weasley

18. Rajat Barmecha As Harry Potter


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