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The Blind Fortune Teller

Gotham has been off to a bit of a rocky start this first season. But as the series has gotten into its back half, there's been more and more to admire about the weird pre-Batman world the show has created. And for those of us waiting to see what Gotham would inevitably do with the Joker character, tonight's episode, "The Blind Fortune Teller", is definitely one to watch.

When Jim Gordon's new flame Leslie Tompkins invited him to the circus, you knew there was going to be trouble. There was even a bit of a look on Gordon's face, The Circus? Nothing good can happen at Gotham's circus, can it?

The Flying Graysons Hit the Fan

Then there's the Graysons. The most tragic of circus circumstances in Batman lore. The story goes that the Flying Graysons, a trapeze act featuring the parents of Dick Grayson, became the unlucky collateral in a dispute between a mob boss and the circus owner. Dick's parents died when the trapeze was sabotaged (with acid no less!) and young Dick and the audience, including Bruce Wayne, watched as they plummeted to their deaths.

Will Gordon and Tompkins stand in for Bruce Wayne in this scenario? In this weird Batman timeline, how old would Dick Grayson be? Negative 10, at least? We know there's going to be a death at the circus, I mean this is a Homicide detective, right? But are the Grayson's just a red herring? Is this just clown assault? What the heck is going on?

Well, after that clip and the one below, it would appear that the Grayson's seem to be alive and well and bickering about... Can anyone tell me what they're bickering about in this clip? Is this just to prove they're the future parents of Dick Grayson?

Joker: Will He or Won't He?

There is still speculation about whether or not the Joker is going to show up in "The Blind Fortune Teller". While the teaser for the episode certainly seemed to imply that we would - there's been some shadows of doubt cast by the Gotham producers. But look at that guy - and more than anything else, the clothes make the man, yeah? And, maniacal grin and laugh aside, the green plaid shirt, definitely says Joker. And the circus clowns... Is there a scarier thing known to man?

Gotham is one of those shows that might just loves to tease even more than it loves to reveal things. Are they setting up the Flying Graysons to simply be the unluckiest acrobatics act in the world? Is it just their fate that they'll be in another deadly circus accident down the road? Isn't that a bit cruel even for a couple from Gotham?

So the chances of the Joker killing The Grayson's in [Gotham](series:1127075) Episode 16 doesn't seem too likely at this stage. But we might learn that the Joker did spend some time as a circus clown and that as such he has developed a fierce hate for those scene stealing acrobats. One thing's for sure, the Flying Graysons are doomed. Stop bickering, you two, and enjoy life while it lasts.


Will we finally meet Gotham's Joker in "The Blind Fortune Teller"?


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