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With Sony and Marvel striking a deal, the beloved Spiderman is now going to be making a debut in the MCU. This has gotten the fancies buzzing with excitement and for good reason! However there is one catch, we can expect yet ANOTHER reboot for the arachnid hero. Spiderman is finally going to get what he deserves by playing a part in Captain America 3: Civil War or so we all suspect anyway. His role in the storyline is pivotal and without him the plot would have to be altered or he would need to be replaced by another hero. So why are we all groaning and rolling our eyes with about this announcement? Its rumbling around that it will be another take on Peter Parker as Spiderman.

Why is Peter Parker such a bad thing?

Peter Parker is THE original Spiderman, we don't ever think about Miles Morales or even Jessica Drew (the original female spiderman). At this point in time Spiderman has gotten two big screen adaptations, both had inconsistent reviews. One of the biggest problems with the Peter Parkers that have found their way into movies are seemingly incomplete. The development of both Peter and Spidey himself was uneven. Tobey Maguire's spiderman was lack luster as the web slinging hero, he was unable to capture the essence while wearing the mask. However, as Peter Parker Tobey hit a stride perfectly becoming that social awkward, soft, outcasted weird kid. On the other side of the spectrum Andrew Garfield was a horrible Peter Parker, but an amazing Spiderman. The problem with his version of Peter is that everyone already loves Andrew, resulting in a hard time to really see him as the social outcast. His Spiderman was spot on, he was able hit the nail on the head capturing all of Spidey's personality and characteristics. If only there was a way for Toby Maguire to play Peter Parker, and then whenever Spiderman was on it would be Andrew Garfield. After what we have seen between the two actors, maybe with this new reboot of Spiderman we should see something new, and refreshing.

Miles Morals: The Ultimate Spiderman

A new adaptation to this hero, where a black-hispanic grade schooler Miles Morals gets his hands on the recreated formula made from Peter Parker's blood and becomes the new Spiderman. As a kid all he wants is a normal life, he hates his powers and struggles to deal with them at first, but eventually learns to use them. So far we've seen Miles Morals in action through Disney's miniseries The Spidermen as well as appearing in the climax of the Age of Ultron story line. If Marvel and Sony were to explore this character over yet another Peter Parker I think that we might see a more progressive Spiderman in a movie series. We all know Peter's storyline because we've seen it a million times, whereas Miles Morals would be something fresh and exciting for both the MCU and for the viewers.

So who do think should be the next Spiderman?

Should Sony and Marvel take another swing at Peter Parker now that they are working together? Or will this be strike three? Or should Sony and Marvel make take the leap to explore Miles Morals, a new character for this iconic role? Regardless we can expect to see our favorite web slinging hero in the MCU!


Parker or Morals?


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