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Crossing the line goes way beyond the normal realms of horror. This new breed of horror is a breath of fresh air to the genre. It will scare you out your chair whilst at the same time high fiving the cat as you overpower and despatch demonic entities.

One year after a gruesome terrorist attack on the city took the lives of so many people including that of his wife, Police Detective Edward Mason is stuck in a vicious cycle of whisky and nonsensical delusions.

Crossing the Line
Crossing the Line

With no sign of any progression Mason decides to take on the case alone. The nightmares are getting worse, the screams echo and reverberate inside his brain. Is this insanity or a calling? Hallucinations are frequent, visions of his wife take centre stage, but not as she was. The images are vile, tortured flashes of desperation. She screams for help but he is unable to reach her.

Mason must do something. Follow the screams? Face not only his inner demons but face darker forces he could never have even begun to imagine. The smell of decay, the laboured hot breath of the tortured souls bare down on his sanity but still she screams. Mason will not, can not stop until she is free but some doors should never be opened, some doors once opened you can never close again and sometimes there are fates much worse than death. Have you seen the other side?

The other side - Shadow world

Little is known about this game we are currently waiting on a few more game details however what I can say is that one of the unique features of this game is the ability to interact with Shadow World.

Mason can pass into and jump out of the other side attacking and dismissing evil and/or malevolent beings. (I would assume in a somewhat similar vein to the popular murder mystery game Murdered Soul Suspect)

Crossing the Line
Crossing the Line

Basically, when you enter the shadow world, time seems to stop and you will have limited opportunity and time to destroy the enemy souls. Once dealt with you will automatically return to your body here on earth, time resumes its flow and your foe falls dead.

Another super awesome feature this game has is the summoning ability. Before we get ahead of ourselves this being that you summon isn't your friend or partner. Be warned. You can open a portal and summon truly heinous inhuman abominations of hell to your location. Upon entering our world these creatures mutilate and slay everyone and anyone they see, hear or smell. This may save your life in the tight spot or kill you if you don't get out of there quick enough. Use with caution!

Crossing the Line
Crossing the Line

This title is aiming for cinematic perfection, making the most of the cutting edge engine and platform capabilities its built on and for. The story itself is promised to be full of twists, turns and horrifying experiences. This world may seem dark at times but you haven't seen what lies just beyond the other side. This new horror is 'Crossing the Line' into next gen horror for sure.

What do you think of Crossing the Line? Are you ready for something new in the horror genre? Comment below.

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