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Twitter user and comedian, Dana Schwartz is writing the ultimate dystopian Young Adult novel using the twitter handle DystopianYA. Included are all the tropes and thinly veiled metaphors from our favourite series of novels/films.

It deals with a plucky heroine by the name of Valentine Neverwoods, who is vaguely beautiful and destined to be the catalyst for change in her corrupt and oppressive society.

Val starts to learn that the system she's been born into is working against her and she must fight back! Simultaneously, she is also caught in a torrid love triangle with bad boy Anthem and childhood friend, Ermias.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Schwartz has said that the parody is "affectionate" and that she grew up reading Young Adult classics like Enders Game and The Giver.

“As I’ve grown up, I still enjoy those sorts of stories, but I’ve become a bit more cynical and attuned to the certain tropes that kept repeating.”
“Since I read Divergent a few years ago, I became hyperaware of the sort of tropes that have become overused in YA novels.”

Originally writing unconnected tidbits, Schwartz has begun to adhere to a narrative for Valentine and the people of The Colony. Faced with the life affirming Test which will place her in society's Category, Valentine is shocked by the results.

With great feedback and over 15 thousand followers in under a week, Schwartz has decided to see the characters through the inevitable multiple adventures that comes with overthrowing an evil regime.


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