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K&K produce kick ass action! Cool effects! And all the other stuff that you love about film!
Harry Kirby

After the great reaction to our live action Batman short 'Batman the Bloody Valentines', I thought I would share another action packed live action film directed by K&K Productions.

Martial arts Vs Zombies is exactly what it says on the tin! Two survivors of the Zombie apocalypse, with very special martial arts/tricking skill sets, attempt to save a group of civilians, by putting the hurt on the hoard! A fun action thriller with a dark sense of humor.

Check it out below

We wanted to show off our action directing and just do something that was a non stop action scene from start to finish! We are massive geeks and this is kind of stuff we love to go and see at the cinema.


We were very lucky to get to work with some excellent stunt performers and if you want to see how these stunts were performed, plus much more, check out the behind the scenes video.

Let us know what you think guys and if you want to see more of our work, check it out K&K Productions on YouTube or our Website


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