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Frozen. That one Disney movie that got way more attention than it deserved.

Yeah, I said it. Frozen isn't as good as everyone says it is. Sorry to disappoint, but it's true.

Don't get me wrong, I loved the movie. I went to go see it during its opening weekend. I went out and bought both the movie and the soundtrack when they both came out. But I'm not ever going to say it was the best Disney movie ever...because it wasn't.

My biggest issue with this movie is Hans. And I think we can all agree on that one. He was a god-awful villain. Just truly dreadful. He was not likable in any way shape or form. Most of the other villains are likable. Scar. Ursula. Hades. Captain Hook. Even Maleficent has her merits (and I'm talking Sleeping Beauty Maleficent, not Maleficent Maleficent).

And we all know why we don't like him

That right there. Anyone who didn't see that coming was blown out of the water. I watched this with a good friend of mine and she had to pause the movie she was freaking out so badly. That's just not something that Disney does. Err, did.

But, you know, something about Hans's big evil plan is . . . off. And the basis for this thought process is in two scenes. The one above where Hans is a total dirt bag. And the one below, where he's extremely nice to Anna (which can be stopped right about 1:31 to see what I'm talking about).

Now, these two scenes are clearly contradictory. And go ahead, tell me that he was just acting during the above scene. Go ahead, tell me that was all part of his plan. Go ahead, tell me that this was needed for his ultimate evil plan.

I'm here to tell you that you're wrong.

Hans actually loved Anna

Don't believe me? Then please explain to me why he's smiling like that after Anna leaves him. Why would he smile to himself if he didn't feel something for Anna? And don't tell me that he's smiling like that because his evil plot is falling into place. If that were so he'd smile more like this:

But he doesn't. He looks happy. He looks like he's falling. He looks everything but evil.

If you still don't want to believe this, let me offer you this. During the scene where Hans shows his true colors to Anna, he says that he was 13th in line for his own kingdom. He knew he'd have to marry into the throne somewhere. Of course, Elsa was the first choice being heir to the throne. But no one was getting anywhere with her.

Which, yeah that makes sense. But he met Anna first. He ran into her - actually she ran into him - first. The two met before he even saw Elsa. No one knew anything about either princess, so how could he possibly know how Elsa was pushing everyone away? Also, at the coronation and the ball, he's seen trying to get to know and be with Anna. He doesn't even attempt to get close to Elsa.

But then again, he lets Anna die so that he could become king of Arendelle. Or at least he leaves her for dead. His greed was stronger than his love for Anna. So, maybe it wasn't true love. But there was still the chance it was.

Hans doesn't kiss Anna at the end when he's revealing his evil plan. Why? You could say it's because he wants to really hurt her because he's evil. But I think there's something else to it.

Hans was afraid that he really loved her

If he kissed Anna, and he truly loved her, she would've lived. They could've gotten married. They would've lived happily ever after as the new king and queen, because Hans was going to get what he wanted.

But Anna would live without Elsa. She would've lost everyone that was ever important to her. Her parents. Her sister. Everything she ever cared about - that Hans knew of - would be taken from her. And if he really loved her, could he really do that to her?

Or, if he let her live, could he even become king? Would his plan even work? Probably not. She would've stopped him or learned what he'd done to Elsa and hated him. She'd leave him for Kristoff. Hans would not only be hurt, but Anna would probably rebel and take over Arendelle again.

Neither option he was sure of. And he wasn't even sure he truly loved Anna or not. But the possibility was there nonetheless, so he couldn't risk it. Not if he wanted to succeed.


Is this possible, yes. Is it likely, no. Do I believe, hell no. Hans was a jerk. He broke Anna's heart and tried to kill her sister. He left Anna for dead. He's a villain. And an awful one at that. Of all the villains to be killed off, he should've been one of them.

Okay, so maybe that took it too far, but I still hate him...


Is Hans a villain?

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