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…. Fandom stalkers. Yeah I said it fandom stalkers. You know those people who like to poo on everyones fun just because it isn’t what they like. EAT A SNICKERS YOU DEBBIE DOWNERS, YOU’LL FEEL BETTER! You act hateful when you’re hungry…

Lord have mercy if you these stalkers see new comics, fan art, statues, merchandise, movies, overall fandom love of something they don’t like….. FANDOM STALKERS SMASH YOUR FUN! By bring negative and damning all that see. BURN IT, ITS A WITCH! Are we in the Middle Ages, trying to burn free thought and expression?

Heaven forbid anyone say they like something new and different from these people…. Childship bullying will ensue. Terrorizing both new and old fans like school yard bullies trying to make others fearful to be long and proud of what they like… Sticks and Stones but doesn’t showing your hateful jealous ass just make you look like the bad guy?

I know common sense is a rare thing, so sad but true… As a wise woman once said,

“The lasso complies you, what is your truth?”

Is it that you are jealous of thing you’re hating on?

Is it that you know more and more people are liking it?

Or is it because you know the whole reason some have it is because you threw it away and cased it aside? That it was unwanted, unloved and neglected for 20+ years? That by not buying it caused some to look elsewhere to shipper who are thankful and appreciate when things happen? Dollar dollar my always angry friend… Should have spent them more wisely and invested in what you loved… ;)

So to all you fandom stalkers a piece of helpful advice… If you don’t like don’t seek it out. Most people are content to enjoy what they love in peace. Maybe you should try that…. but again you’ll see this… Hello stalker… I see you over there wasting your time sulking in the corner at people who like other things than you… Know positive fans love you inspite of yourselves. Love is the greatest weapon again stupid. When you spew your hate and anger we’ll just send some love into the world to conquer it.

Keep Calm Because…

Don’t you wish your hate could get you something? Don’t you wish your bullying could get you what you lost back? Don’t you?

But thankfully it wouldn’t.

Keep on hating!

You take care now you hear!

This has been a smart ass statement… It you can not laugh this piece is not for you. This was intended for sassy fandom lovers everywhere. If you are a fandom stalker…. I’ll pray for you… ROFL


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