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Lets face it, its not time to go right into the future of Star Wars just yet. Oh yeah, we can get new movies showing what will happen next, but we can't stop going into the past until we've got more insight on Yoda. We need it, and these are the reasons why...

He is such a badass!

I know it's only a small statement, but it is genuine and everybody knows it. He was one of the best things in every Star Wars movie he appeared in. Training Luke Skywalker, showing off his wisdom and awesomeness, fighting Dooku and Sideous, developing plot. And yeah, you could say we've seen enough of how great he can be, but personally I don't want to see him go just yet.

There are just too many unanswered questions.

It has never been confirmed what race Yoda belongs to. It's just called 'Yoda's race'... We know nothing of his home planet and not much of his early life. And most of what we do know are only theories/legends.

I'll inform anybody who doesn't know, what it is said had happened in Yoda's early life. He was born to a race of long life-span, many of which grew up to be powerful Jedi like Yoda himself. But Yoda didn't even know that he was force-sensitive. He had no idea. And I guess he traveled to an unknown planet, with a force-sensitive human friend, to find some kind of work and make a living. But their ship was destroyed by an asteroid, leaving them floating in space for a while until they managed to gain just enough power to reach the nearest star system. From there, they crashed onto a swampy planet and met a snake-like creature called N'Kata Del Gormo. He just so happened to also be a Jedi master. He trained Yoda... but thats basically all we know about those first few years.

N'Kata Del Gormo training Yoda.
N'Kata Del Gormo training Yoda.

A Yoda movie could prove to be something new and unique.

What I mean by this is that it could be a completely new take on the Star Wars universe, because it wouldn't actually be a Star Wars movie - It would be a spin-off. In these respects, it doesn't have to focus on bigger things such as war, the empire, the Republic, all of that. It would only focus on a main character - Yoda. It would show everything that we haven't seen - his birth, his childhood, his former education, his life before he left his planet. It would kind of be like an autobiography, aha. But why I like this idea is because it would be moving. It wouldn't be like the other movies, with action and suspense, it would be new. It would have sad moments, funny moments, inspiring moments. It would focus on not only the life of a great Jedi, but it would also focus on the journey that one must take to be the very best, from the very beginning. It would bring a new perspective on what it means to be great, other than having gained such things through chance.

Once or twice Yoda has even spoken about how his skill was not given to him - He had to earn it.

Something that could be included into a movie like this...?

A monologue. Just hear me out, okay? It's a good idea. Just before the movie ends, Yoda gives a speech that reflects his wisdom as a whole. He inspires the entire audience as he talks about what it means to be strong, wise and truly great. And then it ends and everyone is like "daaaaaamn...!"


What do you think about this?


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