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Doghouse (2009)

Director: Jake West
Writer: Dan Schaffer
Stars: Danny Dyer, Noel Clarke, Emil Marwa


A British film about a group of men having a getaway for a member of their pack that is getting a divorce. They rent a tour bus to take them to a remote town to drink away their troubles with hopes of encountering the opposite sex. What they find is undead, unholy and fully man-hating.

The Good:

I thought that the cast of guys did about as well with this script as they could. You kinda liked (or hated) most of them because of their character... which is a good thing. You were rooting FOR them as a group, not against them. I can't tell you how many schlocky horror films I watch where I just want the characters to die some agonizing death just to be rid of them. Not here. You could tell they were a tight-knit group and it felt genuine... even when the scenes were of disagreements and hostility. Each character was unique and fit within the group. Nice job casting and it made the movie bearable.

The Bad:

Unfortunately, there's a lot more bad than good. This whole thing has been done SO MANY times. There was nothing new aside from the "man-hating" aspect to it. So a virus turns ONLY the women into zombies and they in turn are now man-hating flesh eaters. Okay then. The only thing to make it more cheesy would be to involve the army... oh wait. Well, there goes the originality.

There's a fair amount of gore and action, but it gets stale fast. I found myself checking Facebook a lot in the last half hour. Snooze. It's just one long chase scene with the same female zombies. Again, the dialogue between the guys is somewhat interesting and you ARE rooting for them at first, but you sort of lose your fervor for it after about an hour. You just end up not caring. And if I recall correctly, not caring while watching a movie is a bad thing.

In Summary:

I guess this town was made up of weird axe-wielding strippers and hairstylists who also specialized in S&M, hey? The zombies just came off a little odd. So you put female zombies in sexy outfits and then make them nasty ugly and vomit black stuff and that's supposed to be enticing or appealing? To who? Pass.

Ultimately, this is a pretty forgettable zombie flick. Is it worth your time? Eh, not really. Have I seen worse movies? Absolutely. Like I said before, I thought the dialogue was good and the actors were above average for a horror movie, but there wasn't a whole lot to sink your teeth into here. It's not a long movie (89 mins), but by the end, it sure felt that way. Nothing but a middle-of-the-road score warranted here.


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