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When I was about twenty one years old I had an experience that didn't quite add up to making much sense and I have had numerous experience's since then. At the age of twenty one you could only guess what I had been thinking about girls,drinking,partying with friends,and getting out on my own.The night that my paranormal experiences had reached an Unique all time high was a normal one.By normal I mean it was uneventful.But being that I was experiencing something that was dark and evil.I had gone to bed in my parents house due to the fact the night was dwindling down to as boring as watching the twilight saga all the way through without killing yourself.I Awoke at two a.m to a terror that I haven't experienced before. A man was standing at the foot of my bed and being unafraid of anything.The man had a styled suit that had not been around since the 1800's.He was an elderly man with a beard.He also had a silver cane with a wolfs head on it.To match his eeriness he had a pair of glowing red eyes.I have heard of the black eyed children and trust me on this the man would strike terror into anyone.I turned to my side and screamed No...When I turned back to see If the man had still been there he had disappeared.So the moral of this story is Don't knock on the devils door because if you do there will be something there to answer it.


If there was a door would you knock or would run in terror?


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