ByJohana Krutilová, writer at

As a fan of Hunger Games, I admire that third episode, actually the first part of it, gave as much less than we hoped. Most people say that this episode was boring, only song by Jennifer made it more interesting, but lot of people say that it had no action, that it was "Just about what's going to be in a second part"

Basicaly they're right, but let's see some advantages of this movie if we can find some.

Jennifer Lawrence sang a song for this movie, and it had quiet good response.
"She is talented actress, thanks to her is movie interesting."
"She's briliant singer!"

People have different meanings about this movie, but this song is quiet a think they agree in.

But honestly, we have to admit that when you compare this episode with for example the first one , "The Hunger Games" it has a lot of action in it, like every second there is something interesting in third episode, we can barely see some action, the moment when President Coin declares "RED CODE" and everyone is running down the stairs, it's one of the low number of action scenes in this movie.

Finally, you can say, that this movie was practically preparing us for second part. Looking forward?

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