ByChristianno Chavez DeRushia, writer at
Christianno Chavez DeRushia

The current movie trend in Hollywood seems to be; hire the unknown actor. This is the greatest thing to happen to movies since ever. The new influx of talent allows a wide array of new talent and shows the paradigm Hollywood cinema straying away from tradition. What does that mean for D.C or Marvel for that matter. It means no more name casting, however talented Hollywood's 90's A-list may be they can't play every character ever. It means we are going to see better quality of movie that are story driven and not actor driven with a lot of movies playing off the fact they have a big name actor/actress in the lead. Characters will take on a whole new life of their own. It wont be "Who's spider-man is better." it will be "OMG spider-man! wait who's that playing him... he must actually be spider-man." Second we see new characters. Currently we just got a black johnny storm. Maybe we will finally have multi-ethinic spider-man like Miguel O'hara or Miles Morales. We will finally see the rise in female Heroes. Maybe will get more than just a stand alone wonder-woman MAYBE A WHOLE TRILOGY!!! Or maybe strong female protagonist who aren't ether using their sexuality as their superpower or being a god-damn robot (Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss). This is the beginning of a new golden age where the rise of complex characters who aren't all dark and gritty batman's rip-offs will ascend from the darkness.


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