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Hey guys!

Well Moviepilot is a place where speculation is very common. From fan castings, theories to possible plots of an upcoming movie, everything is speculated by the dedicated (and awesome) Moviepliot staff and Moviepilot creators. But sometimes, when a fan theory or plot is speculated fans usually pan the writer for being too...speculative! This also sometimes leads to people being angry because their movie going experience is ruined by the hard working people who research for days before writing anything!

But after all its their job to please the hungry and curious fans form all genres' fandom and this ritual will go on and on! Although with the help of the Spoiler tool Moviepilot's staff and creators do their best to hide all the speculative goodness, some people still see behind the barriers and then illogically pan the writer.

So here, I am going to present 2 cases (out of many more) where the writer got panned by people for speculating something that turned out to be true!

Case 1 - Alisha Grauso predicted that Marvel will make a Civil War movie and Spider Man will be joining the MCU!

I know you did a lot of work the entire article itself its promising but honestly let's not fool ourselves this is not happening we can all stop imagining things please and just accept the fact that there will be no mutants or spiderman on MCU

This is one of the comments on Alisha Grauso's amazingly true and hard worked article! Seriously! This article was EPIC! It was indeed so epic that a guy even proposed to Alisha in the comments!

Well, most of what is written in this article is now found to be true. Marvel is having Spider Man and they are making a Civil War movie! So congrats Alisha! You can know officially say "Told you so!" in a very taunting manner to all those haters out there!

Case 2 - When I posted that Chadwick Boseman will be the King of Wakanda!

Come on! It was just a common chat and he must have said something unknowingly and out of instinct! Don't make ridiculous $h!t out of a regular conversation!

One of the comments on my "Chadwick Boseman - ...." post! Although I did not speculate anything or worked hard like Alisha Grauso on her article, I posted something that was obviously indicating that Chadwick Boseman was going to be the King Of Wakanda! It was pretty clear for me!

Ahhh, I don’t know anything about that…Until the contract is signed, I don’t know."

But yeah, now that it has been officially announced that Black Panther/Chadwick Boseman is going to make an entry into the MCU, I feel like I am Logan and I am walking away from an explosion!

But in the end I will say that...we create content for general audiences and super fans and that is what we love to do! It feels awesome writing for other people who have same interests as you do! But, hate comments are common and persistent and eventually the author has to get over it and start enjoying it! So to my fellow creators I just want to say that don't stop speculating and don't stop thinking about new and insane theories! Just love what you want to do and keep creating awesome content!

P.S. - We love you readers!


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