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For anyone who has been following "Arrow" from season one you have seen Thea Queen transform from a spoiled rich girl to a self sufficient strong women, who can really kick some a$$! With such a dramatic development in the character it leaves us all wondering what is in store for Thea Queen? With no character in the DC comic universe going by the name Thea Queen and Oliver Queen never having a sister it leaves Thea's fate up in the air. I have a two theories on where we may see Ms. Queen.

1. Cheshire

For those of you not familiar withe the DC comics Cheshire is a totally bad ass assassin who has ties to the League of Assassins. Imagine this Ra's Al Ghul is hunting down the Queens to avenge the death of Sarah and is so impressed with Thea that he takes her dedication to his cause in exchange for Oliver's life. Why do I believe Thea may become Cheshire? Thea already shares some of the same story lines as Cheshire, such as her romantic relationship with Roy Harper. In the animated series Young Justice Cheshire is the sister of hero Artemis, in Arrow they could set this family dynamic up as well with Thea being Oliver's sister.

2. Speedy

When most people hear Speedy they think of Roy Harper's original alter ego, Speedy. This is a name that Roy never took in [Arrow](series:720988), instead it is Oliver's nickname for Thea. In the comic books after Roy took the name Arsenal Oliver's adopted daughter Mia Dearden took up the mantle as Speedy. With Roy already using the name Arsenal and Thea being the only relative that Oliver currently has she could easily step into the role of Speedy. I mean she already answers to the name, she wouldn't even need to adjust.

So, what are your thoughts, where will Thea Queen go from where she is now? Will we see her suiting up to take on the good fight, or following in the footsteps of dear old Dad? Please share your thoughts in the comments and take the poll.


Who do you think Thea will become?


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