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Hey guys, unless you have been living under a rock, or are new to the superhero genre, you most likely know that in just about 15 months the Marvel comic storyline of Civil War will be making it's adaptation to the big screen. In the event you don't know, here is a brief synopsis:

Civil War follows the implementation and consequences of the Superhuman Registration Act, a legislative bill which required the mandatory registration of any person based in the United States with super powers. The act arose due to public pressure for accountability following a series of superhuman-related events causing significant damage and death within the Marvel universe.
Public sentiment toward superheroes plummeted after an incident in Stamford, Connecticut, in which the New Warriors, a group of young superheroes and the focus of a reality TV show, botched an attempt to apprehend a group of supervillains in a quest for better ratings. In the resulting fight the villain Nitro used his explosive powers to destroy several city blocks, including an elementary school at the epicenter, resulting in the death of over 600 civilians, 60 of whom were children, with just Speedball of the Warriors and Nitro himself surviving.
Source: Wikipedia

Between now and 2016 we have a few different opportunities which will set the stage for Captain America 3: Civil War. I want to review them along with the likely impact in setting the stage for Civil War.


Just one month before our next Avengers film hits theaters, Netflix will release it's first Marvel miniseries, in a 10 episode run of Daredevil. We have seen a clip of what we can expect, and it looks to be a more dark and gritty vision of the MCU, and will be focused on street level storylines. This will be the first of 4 series which will cumulative in a The Defenders event. The only influence towards the Civil War storyline which we can expect from Daredevil is the fact that Daredevil will be a masked vigilante whose identity is secret. I don't expect that Daredevil will be in Captain America 3: Civil War other than possibly an off-screen mention or visual cameo.

Impact: Minor

[The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035)

In just about three more months, we will have the next major catalyst in setting up Captain America 3: Civil War (which I honestly feel has been building since the first Avengers movie), which will be Age of Ultron. Some plot details and clips have been released for this film, and we do know there will be mass destruction by Ultron, including possibly an entire nation being destroyed. We have also received indications that an Avenger (or role player) could be killed, and we have seen a clip which will further the rift between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers which was started in the first Avengers film.

In the comics, there were several events before Stamford which lead for the public push for the SRA. The events of Age of Ultron will definitely be used to set the stage towards Civil War.

Impact: Major


While I am greatly anticipating Ant-Man, I envision this as more of a standalone film as opposed to completely tying into to the current MCU locomotive. There is some potential with a post credits scene tie in, but other than that I imagine that since it's being described as a "heist" film, we won't be seeing a lot of destruction, or public events which will garnish a lot of attention. Instead, what we can hope to get from this film is simply another character (or two) who will become part of a future Avengers team.

Impact: None

[Jessica Jones](series:1168773)

I'll be honest, I don't know much about the Jessica Jones character other than her having a romantic connection to Luke Cage. I did do a little research and found out that, in fact, both of them have a small role in the Civil War storyline. Again, we could see some of the same developments as I eluded to in Daredevil play out in AKA Jessica Jones, such as another superhero who is hiding behind a secret identity. As opposed to Daredevil who is a martial artist with enhanced senses, Jessica Jones has some pretty obvious super powers including super strength, invincibility and flight. The fact that a human has developed these sort of powers, could factor into to the lead up Captain America 3: Civil War.

Impact: Moderate

[Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469)

While Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will actually come back starting before Daredevil, it will be interweaved between all the movies/series in the MCU leading up to Civil War, and will likely be the last thing we see right before Civil War. I also wanted to save the "best for last" to unveil my big fan theory here. We might see the Stamford incident in Agents of S.H.I.E.D. Two things are leading me to this conclusion:

1. Inhumans are already being introduced in AoS.

We saw the Inhumans introduced in AoS in the end of 2014, with the movie for them not slated to be released (at that time) until November 2018. With the recent shuffled because of the Sony/Marvel Spidey arrangement, it's now been pushed back to 2019. That's 4 years away. To me that seems like an awful long time to potentially lay the bread crumbs for that movie if we can't expect them to have a more significant role in the MCU. I imagine we could see the Inhumans further developed and adapted to be included in the Stamford event.

2. Marvel has tied in AoS to their movies previously.

Okay, so it's only been once, and it was following the last Captain America film, but I am assuming we will see this happen a second time following Age of Ultron. It's quite possible that Marvel could do it again but this time in reverse. Instead of the events of the movie being continued into the AoS storyline, the movie could continue the events from AoS.

Impact: Major

Let me know what you guys think? Thank you for reading! Feel free to comment below!


Which movie/series will have the greatest impact on Civil War?


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