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Every girl, or at least almost every girl, has a favorite romance movie. I mean how can we not? Live vicariously through beautiful and almost flawless characters on screen. Most love stories that make it to the big screen are there because of books, written by people who have unrealistically high expectations of love. It's okay though, we love them anyway!

Because we secretly have the same expectations.

With that being said, here are some of the most known and greatest (in my opinion) of love stories on the big screen!

1.The Titanic.

The magical love story of Rose Dewitt and Jack Dawson. Rose is a high class 17 year old who was trying to save her mother and herself from being debt-ridden after her father's unfortunate departure. Rose's personality as a upper class woman with a free spirit with the type of beauty you don't come by often. Rose Dewitt was set to married to Cal Hockley (Billy Zane), who later was founded out to be a controlling, arrogant, and the heir to steel fortune. Jack Dawson is a homeless man who traveled, mostly to Paris, France. Jack won RMS titanic tickets to third class, He ran into Rose while she was attempting to throw herself off the stern of the ship. Immediately a spark was ignited between the two.

This later led to the very steamy scene in the ships cargo, where Rose and Jack had a very steamy car ride while sneaking around behind Cal and Ruth's (Rose's mother), back. The tragic ending of the actual sinking of the titanic, which was inevitable but nonetheless heartbreaking is what made the love story whole. Jack gave up his life for the love of his life. The love story shows fans that your love story isn't always going to work out for the best but to also appreciate whatever time you get with your significant other.

2. The Notebook.

I usually rank this second only because it is so hard to remember Noah and Allie's names. Nonetheless, this movie and book has definitely defined all love stories for the modern day love stories. This book and movie was just about as iconic as Titanic. Written by Nicholas Sparks and Directed by Nick Cassavetes. The incredibly screenplay starts in present day time with a older gentleman telling a story to a older lady whom deals with dementia daily. The story of Noah and Allie sprouts from there, where the upper class young lady falls for the lower class lumberjack. With twists and turns, here and there, Allie and Noah experience times of doubts and times of judgement within Allie's family. Allie is forced to move away from Noah with her family, where she becomes a nurse and meets her fiance, Lon Hammond Jr, whose injured while serving. While reading the paper, she sees a newspaper article with Noah, describing the house he promised her and how he refuses to sell. Allie rushes back to Seabrook to see Noah where she realizes she never stopped loving Noah. After many fights, and a romantic dinner, Allie's mother shows up to give Allie, Noah's written letters. In the end of the movie, you realized the older gentleman telling the story to the older woman are Allie and Noah all grown up. You see a glimpse of Allie coming back to Noah before she breaks down having to be sedated and you also get to see Noah and Allie's children, and grandchildren. At the end of the movie, Noah sneaks into Allie's bed where they fall asleep for the last time together holding hands. (CAN'T SAY I DIDN'T BAWL MY EYES OUT!!!) Allie and Noah show us that your first true love can easily be our last love.

3. Twilight Series.

Yes. Go ahead, laugh away. This book series was the book that got me reading every book about mystical creatures and their weird love stories. Bella Swan lived in Phoenix, Arizona before she made the decision to move in with her father in Forks, Washington because her mother remarried to a minor league baseball player. Throughout the magical book, you read through Bella's adventures of danger and troubles as she attracts trouble like a magnet. Edward is a vampire who has particular powers of reading minds, inhuman speed, hearing, and sight. Edward Cullen is apart of a coven who is vegetarian, which is weird considering he's a hot vampire. The adventurous story goes on to add in unique characters like Jacob Black, the werewolf from La Push, and Alice Cullen, the vamp with the visions of the future, or even Emmett, the vamp with a sense of impeccable humor. Throughout the series, Bella and Edward's unique love for each other never falters as he pushes her ways in 'New Moon' to prevent her from changing. Our even in "Breaking Dawn" after she experiences childbirth of Edward's half human- half vampire baby girl, Renesmee. You get a taste of drama from Jacob Black's transformation into the wolf pack and the fight of thirst from Bella, as well as Edward fights the love, he has for Bella and his family. This unique story tell us that love has no age, preference, gender, species. Love is meant to be, not forced.

"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb"
"What a stupid lamb"
"What a sick masochistic lion"

4. Safe Haven.

The modern day 'Notebook'! "

This book much like "The Notebook" was written by Nicholas Sparks. Maybe that is why everyone was raving about this particular book-turned-movie made it's big screen debut. In the beginning of the movie, a lot is left to the imagination to the fans as Katie is seen holding a bloody knife. I'd like to say this book/ movie is as modern as it gets with the way everything is written and produced. Katie hides away from law enforcement in Southport, NC, where she befriends Jo, her neighbor and meets Alex Wheatley. Alex is a convenient store owner for townspeople and tourists. He lost his wife to cancer a few years prior to Katie's arrival, immediately Alex takes a interest in the mysterious new towns-person. Katie and Alex slowly fall in love with each other, even with his son's disinterest at first. Soon, Alex finds Katie's mugshot at the sheriff's station where he later confronts her and they have a falling out. Katie is forced to tell Alex about her past or lose Alex forever. Katie tells Alex about her abusive husband, and how she barely got away from his drunken state. At the end of it all, Katie's husband comes to find Katie where he drunkenly sets Alex's home and shop on fire in jealousy and almost kills Katie. After a scuffle, Alex shoots Katie's husband. But that isn't the only twist. Remember Jo ? The neighbor? Ya. Turns out Katie was seeing Alex's deceased wife while seeing Alex. Talk about awkward!

Nonetheless through it all, Katie and Alex stay in love, giving Katie not only a safe haven but a whole new life filled with love and admiration. This modern love story showed us all that despite her trouble past and outlook on life, she was able to fall in love and move on from her abusive relationship.

5. The Fault in Our Stars.

Written by John Greene and later turned into a movie, this movie was the fantastic love story of Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters. Hazel Grace starts the movie with explaining the ends and outs of her cancer, while showing a deeply disturbing side of herself as she thinks and discusses death as a daily topic. Augustus Waters is later introduced in group therapy that Hazel attends for her diagnosed depression. Augustus Waters is the boy every girl fans over, the handsome easy-going and humorous boy who fought and won the battle of cancer while loosing his leg. Hazel and Augustus become friends as Hazel fights tooth and nail against Augustus as he wants to be more than friends with Hazel. Even going as far as telling Hazel, he loves her over a candle lite dinner in Amsterdam. The two soon fall hard while in the romantic city of Amsterdam, only then does Gus break the news of his cancer returning to Hazel explaining he's terminal. Later on, Gus attends his own funeral as he calls it where Hazel reads his eulogy, making the whole theater cry, if not sob. But throughout the story of Hazel Grace and Augustus fear is always made noted. Gus has a fear of oblivion. Gus didn't want to die without being remembered, and Hazel didn't want to risk his heart. Hazel feared for Gus, and Gus feared for the unknown. As unreasonable as it seems, it made a lot of sense. Hazel and Gus fought for what they wanted and took a risk most people whom are terminal wouldn't dream to take. That's the lesson from this movie, take a risk on the smallest of love because you never truly know what's going to blossom.

With that all being said, these are my top 5 greatest love story. I hope you can agree with some, if not all.

Happy Belated Valentine's Day.


Which do you think it the best love story?


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