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It has broken records with a box office release of 81.7 million dollars according to Variety and U.S Magazine says it has a global box office release of 248.7 million dollars. Yet it pales in comparison to many films that have already been out.

1. Nine 1/2 Weeks, 1986

Blindfolds, what more can you ask for?
Blindfolds, what more can you ask for?

Sex with strangers is great!

But don't be surprised when they ask you to crawl around like a dog while they indulge in coitus with a prostitute.

2. Teeth, 2007

Routine Check up!
Routine Check up!

I remember my first time!

Too bad it hasn't happened yet...
but everyone's first time should be amazing, full of love and romance. However, if instead it is not consensual, you have permission under the U.S Constitution to bite off your rapists penis with your vaginal canines!

3. Savage Grace, 2007

Breakfast in Bed
Breakfast in Bed

You always do have to wine and dine before intercourse.
You know how mom's are, always so demanding.

Yoda senses that the Oedipus Complex is strong in this one.

4. Kissed, 1996

A kiss to awake Sleeping Beauty
A kiss to awake Sleeping Beauty

It really does suck when the only time you get aroused is when you are with dead people. Only some people understand the wonders of necrophilia, Edgar (Allen Poe) would have been proud!

5. Happiness, 1998

Family Dinner! Best time for revealing secrets!
Family Dinner! Best time for revealing secrets!

When your father admits he has never drugged and raped you...
just your friends.

He only masturbates thinking about you!
Thanks Dad!

Definitely not similar to the Pursuit of Happyness.

6. Breaking The Waves, 1996

After her husband is disabled in an accident and can no longer pleasure her, she goes on her own journey. However, the journey gets riskier and riskier until

she gets killed in a Gang Bang

7. A Serbian Film, 2010

This can't be a good sign
This can't be a good sign

Ever thought you could escape your old life and start anew?!
If you're ever trying to run away from your life as a Pornstar, make sure you don't run right into a pedophilia and necrophilia themed "art" (snuff) film.

You'll be dying to watch this on your new HDTV.

8. Irreversible, 2002


This movie is strictly based on brutal rape and vengeance. Within the first couple of minutes a gay bar called Rectum is savaged with sex and violence.

Unfortunately, the film does not go so well for the beautiful Alex who is the target in this film.

9. Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom, 1975

Eating Feces was only one of the torments.
Eating Feces was only one of the torments.

Nine Boys and Girls are subjected to 120 days of torture that spans between physical, mental, and sexual. Watching this movie will take away the little faith in humanity you may have left.


Which movie would you throw up during?


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