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Jacob Lee Doyle

With the newest episode promising that the next villain we would meet would be "no joke," most of us assumed that this was supposed to be the joker as a child smiling in interegation by Jim Gordon himself. Unfortunately, i don't think this is what we got at all.

I wasn't happy that they are deciding to bring the Joker into the series so soon, but was willing to overlook the obvious lack of thought to the timeline of the current Batman mythos if the back story was able to blow me out of the water. It didn't!!!! The son of a circus performer, who kills the only family he knows due to the fact of her nagging him too much. Please, it just seems to me that they were getting our hopes up for something amazing just to be disappointed in the end. Then at the end of the episode we see another trailer with RED HOOD in it. For most people who know the Batman mythos like I do, they do not specifically say that Joker was this RED HOOD before becoming the Joker by batman dropping him into a vat of deadly chemicals, but it most certainly suggests it and is the accepted theory and has even been confirmed in some different types of media.

I still think this is way to early in the series. The very appearance of Batman should be what makes the Red Hood make his debut and then we could see the creation of Batman and Joker in the 10th season of the show. Unfortunately the producers and writers are giving in to the popular demand for the Joker character right now. It's never a good thing when studios rush to get these characters on the show and we can only hope that this isn't the case this time as well.


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