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I am going to give the movie 50 Shades of Grey two stars mainly because I feel bad for the actor and actress and because I loved the sound track of the movie. But apart from that I really wasn't a big fan of the movie.

Before watching the movie I was one of the those girls that has never read the book. I will admit I was tempted but I though why join the rest of the population when I could be cool and spend my time catching up on episode of Arrow on Netflix. So the only thing I knew with the help of the internet and Wikipedia, was that it had something to do with BDSM and the plot of it. Other than that I was going into the movie blinde.

Fast forward to D Day, I enter the cinema and I might say the amount of females in the room was overwhelming. I guess it was no surprising since the book was written by a woman for women predominantly.

Taking a seat at the back, I had my jumbo popcorn and jumbo drink and prepared myself for two hours of entertainment. The beginning of the movie was terrible. The acting was shit (excuse the lack of better word), the actor and actress had no chemistry, it was like watching a chemical disaster. The constant lip biting from the chick made me want to go all vigilante one her and even the guys voice irritated me, not sexy at all!

The interaction seemed too forced and it was like watching a couple of amateurs trying out their first acting class and not to mention the corny one liners that seemed to be taken straight out Twilight. But I was impressed by the settings of the movie.

Now fast forward to the sex scenes and talk about the most awkward amount of bullocks I've ever seen. This made me want to write a letter to Hollywood asking them to 'STOP TRYING TO MAKE PRON HAPPEN" . If you're someone who switches the channel when there is a sex scene, then you get my flow. My reaction to this scene was to hide behind my pop corn bucket while trying engaging in an awkward conversation with my friend who also seemed as uncomfortable as i was.

The acting sort of improved as the movie continued but not enough to win them another star or an Oscar. Overall I would say the movie was OK considering that it was based on a book that was poorly written ( I read the reviews). But if anything if felt like the more riskier and adult version of twilight without the sparkling vampire.


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