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Who's brave enough to admit that they cried or at least felt like crying after watching The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies?

Let's all take a moment of silence by looking at the following pictures:

Okay. That's been taken care of...not really, but moving on. I was on YouTube and something in the sidebar caught my attention. It looked vaguely like a Lord of the Rings type of video... Hmmm.

That doesn't look like a Lord of the Rings poster, but it kind of does...The Hunt for Gollum?...Hmmm, okay, I'll bite...TRAILER CHECK!

After watching said trailer, I was curious. My LoTR and The Hobbit fan-love was tickled. I went back to the full video and was intrigued as it began to play.

But note, I did a bit of research about five minutes into watching the film and discovered that this fan-made film was released in 2009! Where was I and why did I not know about this?! And it was a wonderfully interesting 38 and a half minutes. Here! I'll let you judge for yourself! Without further distraction, I present to you, The Hunt for Gollum:

Check out the filmmaker's website here for poster downloads and visit The Hunt For Gollum website to check out further info about the film.


What do you think about "The Hunt for Gollum"?


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