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Lately, there's been a shootout in Hollywood. If you haven't heard about it, you've been living under a rock for who knows how long. I'm talking about Marvel vs. DC, or more specifically, Disney vs. Warner Brothers.

Marvel has been building up something BIG ever since 2008, when a couple of movie makers and Marvel Comics employees decided to make a superhero movie all on their own, without much money to back them up. Iron Man was a huge risk, and it ended up being the right one. Seven years and nine movies later, we are sitting on the edge of our seats for the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, the the fifth movie including Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark and the second live action blockbuster movie to unite a team of superheroes like no one has seen before. Marvel, after being bought by Disney is moving on to really big things, but some might say that things are getting too big.

Raveling such an intricate and involved storyline through three phases of movies and several television shows is hard, and people are worried that Marvel is about to bomb, most likely with the upcoming Ant-Man.

So who are they looking to for help? Warner Bros. and the DC Cinematic Universe. DC got a late start in the intertwined cinematic universe as the amazing Dark Knight Trilogy was scrapped from potential continuity and Man of Steel was set as the jumpstart for the Justice League movies. Recently, DC has tried with all their might to show that they know what they're doing, and people are starting to believe them. They showed their release dates for several upcoming interconnected movies, including Justice League, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, and more. The DC Cinematic Universe may be just what nerds/fanboys are looking for.

But who else is involved in the interconnected chess game? Well, 20th Century Fox has built up their X-Men movie franchise and has recently announced their reboot of Fantastic Four. Both of these superhero teams were snatched up by Fox years ago, and Marvel/Disney hasn't been able to get the rights back since. Matthew Vaughn backs the X-Men movies and joins Josh Trank, director of Chronicle, to reboot the Fantastic Four. Matthew Vaughn has also recently released Kingsman: The Secret Service, and Trank is working on the sequel to his beloved Chronicle movie, and while Kingsman isn't really a super hero flick, an argument can be made that both of these men are succeeding in the superhero business much more than other directors.

Sony also tried to hold on to Spider-Man rights and create their own cinematic universe, but they have recently reached a deal with Marvel/Disney to share the iconic character. This gives them a major upper hand in solo movies such as planned Venom and Black Cat movies, plus a Sinister Six team up movie.

Yes, it's a race to the finish line from four different studios, but it's up to us to decide who wins. While we might think quality is what will decide the winner of these franchises, these studios are really just looking forward to the boatloads of cash that come with the Box Office. So, think long and hard before going to see a superhero movie four times, because you never know who will turn out on top.


Who do you think is winning the superhero game?


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